Saturday, June 20, 2009

LA Daily Blog Ranks Top 3 In BlogNetNews STATEWIDE Ranker Again This Week (And Zuma Times Tops Other L.A. Blogs!)

Picture of the Week: A defining moment in U.S. Freedom of Speech when Zuma is allowed to stand, but is not allowed to speak at Council meeting because of one cowardly autocratic pussy.

If you want to know how my blog is going to rank in any give week, you can tell by how bad I am doing at a personal level. This week things were so bad for me, BOTH my blogs (LA Daily Blog & Zuma Times) ended up placing ahead of the OTHER LOCAL LOS ANGELES BLOGS, even though I only posted for one day on Zuma Times. And LA Daily Blog STILL came in #3 this week, even though I retired from blogging for over 72 hours, meaning NO POSTS for THREE DAYS...coming in #1 would have been too good, so I had to trip myself up. I post for ONE day on Zuma Times and it knocks Kevin Roderick's LA Observed COMPLETELY out of the Top 20. So Zuma Dogg has the Top 2 local LA blogs in the weekly ranker, and Roderick has NONE. But he talks shit on me. LOL! Meanwhile, all of this content cranked out on the street in my most sleep deprived, hungry and mad state. I must be fucking amazing, or you must be extra complacent and lazy.

Weekly Influence Index

* Calitics (1)
* OC Progressive (2)
* L.A. Daily Blog (3)
* Political Blotter (4)
* Orange Juice (5)
* Right Coast (6)
* California Progress Report (7)
* Red County: Orange County (8)
* Patterico's Pontifications (9)
* Cobb (10)
* Oakland Focus (11)
* Liberal OC (12)
* Zuma Times (13)
* Politics in the Zeros (14)
* The RBC (15)
* Mayor Sam's Sister City (16)
* Red County: San Diego (17)
* Red County: Sacramento (18)
* Gay Patriot (19)
* Orange Punch (20)

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