Sunday, June 14, 2009



I can see by the smiles on the idiots walking out of the sports bar across the street the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship tonight.

When I saw a bunch of happy people walking away from the TV, I thought they just said on the news that the city gained back the $7 billion they lost in phony Wall Street scams and risky real estate investments of their crony developers.

I thought the mayor came out and said the city solved the budget crisis, found the money, and services will continue, instead of shutting down.

I thought they announced a solution that would increase the graduation rate of LAUSD! But these were some pretty BIG I thought troops in Iraq were coming home to be with the kids who are growing up without their daddies because the situation had resolved itself...

But I forgot, today the basketball team was playing for the big title that means absolutely NOTHING IN ANY REAL OR TANGIBLE WAY TO ANYONE EXCEPT THE PEOPLE WHO GOT PAID MILLIONS TO PLAY THE GAME. (Remember, it's a game. The real life scenario being played out in City Hall and on the streets ain't a game, for real, dough!)

The mayor has said that OF COURSE we will spend a million dollars on a parade, because what could be more important that the outcome of a "who can stick a ball in a hoop" contest.

The money for the LAUSD awareness parade has been canceled.

AND NOW, for some things that actually might be affecting you in some way:
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