Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Latest From Zuma Dogg & L.A. City Council VIA TWITTER Tweeting (Quicker and Easier To Cover More Topics)

So much stuff comes in, and it's easier to Twitter tweet stuff throughout the day, then just post it as a blog post here, and follow up on things that need more extensive coverage, as needed. But for now, here's the stuff making it through ZD earwaves. And basically, after a three-year run, ZD is really out of steam and has to miss council meetings and has to hold back and can't blog it all, as I would like. Not trying to be combative...I think those who know me understand. Sorry, need more fuel for the fire. I've been insane in this bridge-burning, three year plus continuous day. Not enough hope or faith to keep my tired-out body going. The faith and hope had kept me pushing my tired-out body, and I could still do it, but the hope is gone, so it's over, for now. Will still try and hit meetings when I feel like it/can do it, but can't push on an empty $0.00 ZD gas tank like I used to. The dream is over. Thanks for the memories. Nostalgic, reflection time for a while. It's been an intense, dense experience.


A news reporter wants me to put them in touch with a source on one of my stories. Great! ZD cut out again but will probably do it anyway. from web

Oh no, my friend is driving to city hall for Autry/SW Museum item at 3pm, and I need to go Downtown anyway. Looks like I might see U there. from web

Wendy Greuel just publicy humiliated herself on Citywide TV during goodbye ceremony. SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SHUT UP! Eric G looked strange. from web

That phony Councilmember Jose Huizar is proclaiming it "El Sereno Day" in Los Angeles. Forget Ceremonies, you screw that area EVERY DAY $$$! from web

I am so happy CM Dennis Zine is going to be the new City Council whip (Second ProTem), replacing Perry who will become 1st ProTem. MORE BDZ! from web

Just got call that makes me sing, I'm caught in a cross fire I don't understand. But I don't give a damn for the same old played out scenes. from web

Is there a song called, "The Dream Is Over?" If so, it's my new karaoke theme song. I could have gone to meeting today, but the dream is... from web

I admit...I hate having to let it all slide away by missing council meetings and not blogging it all. I lost hope that it is worth the push. from web

I can't just sit here and blog how insane Chirs Essel's CD 2 candidacy is and all the other stuff I have only to be hungry & on the street. from web

It would be fun to go to council meeting today for Michael Jackson tribute & usual public comment, but gotta let it all side. Was good ride. from web

It's hard for me not going to council meeting today when I have so much new stuff to expose, but have to throw in towel cause no support. from web

My friends are driving downtown to city hall, so I could EASILY make it down for the meeting, but I'm not gonna push when I'm broke anymore. from web

Just had a fun time on the air with Kevin James on 870 KRLA in the 11pm hour. Basically gave a recap of today's blog info. Nice! from web

Jan Perry is lobbying to be bumped up to Council Prez ProTem to replace outgoing Wicked Wendy Greuel. No other names. I'd pick Zine as Whip. from web

City Council Presidential Line Up For WED: Garshady, Perry, Zine. from web

MAYORAL CANDIDATES TO REPLACE VILLARAIGOSA: Greuel, Garcetti, Perry, LaBong (think he's realizes no chance) and RICK CARUSO. ALL INTERESTED! from web

Can someone "hock" my ZumaCAM. It's a nice JVC HARD DRIVE camera, no tape! $75 to "pawn", $180 to buy. I don't need it as much as food. from web

Can someone "hock" my computer for me. It's a Dell laptop. I need about $75 bucks and you can use it until I pay you back. Purchase=$200. from web

JUST CALL ME "ZUMA DOGG" -- A free public service like public domain. Always free and no need to pay for it. ZUMA DOGG...he's public domain. from web

I basically just have to realize I'm never going to make it in a way to support me as ZD, so I'll just keep truckin' till I drop, too young. from web

I hoped something would catch and ZD would be able to squeeze out a way to keep doing what I've been doing for 9 yrs in L.A. Didn't happen. from web

In '89 I sent a memo to Time Warner's BPittman about creating innovative cable channe. Went on to be called E! 100% COMPLETELY FROM ZD MEMO! from web

COMEDY CENTRAL QUOTE TO ZUMA DOGG: "No one would ever watch your show. It's not funny. It's not even comedy." (See fan quotes below.) from web

When I complain how ZD hasn't gotten even a small break; not even talking about my '89 memo that created E! TV network.Sent memo to Pittman. from web

Sorry if you don't like some of my Tweeting, UN-follow!. This is my personal page, not a paid news service. I'll post about my crisis. sorry from web

Do people care MORE about Zuma Dogg than politicians he covers? Yesterday 3 of Top 5 on BNN National ranker were ABOUT ZD. NEVER Happened! from web

For all my blogging about city politicians, yesterday, 3 of Top 5 posts on BNN U.S. Ranker were ABOUT ZD. NEVER had 3/5 in U.S. on politics. from web

New Zuma Dogg post on City Hall rumors (or truths?): http://bit.ly/1kcjU from web

Here are some comments from people that makes me pretty bitter that I am dying alone on the street and I get nothing but BULLSHIT futuretalk from web

"You're a hero, I love the updates" from web

My name is Lauren and let me begin by saying you are one of the finest displays of unconventional genius I've seen in a long time. from web


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