Monday, June 29, 2009

MONDAY INSIDE GOSSIP FROM L.A. CITY HALL (Oh no...Villaraigosa has a LEAK at City Hall...not a WATER leak but INFORMATION Leak!)

Alright kiddies, ZD is pissed...and let's show you some REAL blogging, bitch. Let's get into UNION SHIT, BITCHOTNIO AND SHITTY COUNCIL. Hey dummies...what happened to all the pension money. OH YEAH, you "borrowed it" to fuel your shady investments cause you thought you were such smart hotshots and thought you were smarter than Zuma Dogg's warning, especially YOU Greg Smith (I don't have time for the randomly placed "i" In Greg, Grieg")...I WILL REMIND YOU THAT YOU LOST $7 BILLION DOLLLARS IN PENSION MONEY...AND NOW THE CITY WILL BE GOING BANKRUPT, AND YOU DON'T THINK ANYONE IS GOING TO JAIL. YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD MAKE SOME FAST MONEY ON THE SIDE AND REPLACE IT IN THE PENSION FUND...BUT AGAIN, YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE SMARTER THAN ZUMA DOGG'S WARNINGS AND YOU CAUGHT CAUGHT WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN, AND RON BURKLE AND DARIUS ANDERSON AND DAN WEINSTEIN WERE THERE ON THEIR KNEES! (You lose Carl Miller!)

IBEW REJECTS VILLARAIOGSA'S REQUEST FOR CD 2 CAMPAIGN FUNDS: Like ZD said, Villaraigosa has to fix the leak inside City Hall. Not to save water, but to keep info from making it onto this blog. I already posted, earlier this morning, that ZD heard Avril "Ace" Smithloser and all the chumps he represents like Villaraigosa are all in a tizzy over ZD's blogging and public comments regarding Obama being pissed at how Antonio used the FED Stimulus Money, and is going to let the hammer fall on Villaraigosa over the pension scandal bullshit. So ZD heard a call was placed to Rom Emmanuel in D.C. to see if ZD is right and if Antonio is in trouble with Obama. The White House assured the Team Villar inferior-minded, outdated, old school, on the outs with Antonio anyway that the mayor is hunky-dory and everything is O.K., and Zuma doesn't know what he was talking about. AND REMEMBER CLOWNS, I heard that you were re-assured everything was O.K., so how do you feel about the re-assurance now, CLOWN? Hey Dumbtonio, you don't ask the union who you didn't get jobs for (Measure B) and then use the "job creation money" for something else, other than job creation, dummy. Building Trades Union like to bulid, not sit.

Anyway, I'm glad Villar finally fixed those faucets in the City Hall bathrooms with low-use faucet heads, but City Hall is STILL leaking, cause how did Zuma Dogg hear that Mayor Villaraisover was on the phone with the IBEW begging for campaign contribtions (a check) for his CD 2 puppet candidate.

REQUEST DENIED, BITCH! IBEW TOLD VILLAR TO GO POUND SOUND. He's got less juice than ZD's cell phone battery after not being able to charge it.

HEY TOM LEBONG AND BERNARD PARKS!!!: What's with Rodnett Electric getting all the electirc contracts in your area. The bidding process seems kinda shady. THEY ALWAYS WIN.

MTA PROJECT AWARDED TO SAME OLD CONTRACTOR WHO ALWAYS GETS 90% OF THE MTA BUISNESS: In a related item to the one above with Parks & LaBong,
Zuma Dogg heard a new MTA electrical contract for "Subway to the Sea" went to Robnett Electric. Shouldn't surprise you though, cause I think Robnett may get 85%-90% of MTA electrical work. AND THEY GET PAID, ON TIME, RIGHT AWAY...none of this usual 3 month/5 month shit.

ANYWAY, I could go on all's just a matter of how much of this type of stuff you want to see. BUT, this post is mainly to let the mayor know, as a concerned citizen, I am concerned there is a leak inside city hall that is not about water. AND to my readers...I haven't researched a LICK of this...this is all about whether ZD has a credible source and to what degree. But unless there is some kind of "Truman Show" pattern being run on ZD, seems pretty good to me. Good enough that I wanted to pass it along to my readers so they can be aware of what ZD is aware of. And that's the value of ZD. (Why should I hear all this stuff from people who feel comfortable telling me and just keep it to myself.)

LIKE THIS NON-SHOCKER: Not sure if I can prove I am catching drain-off from an inside City Hall leak if I say that Team Villar is FLIPPING OUT that new City Attorney will be Carmen Trutanich, NOT Team Villar starting on Wednesday. And I am here to tell you it is going to be a bumpy relationship every step of the way. I hope Carmen is not Bamboozed by Vilar into thinking the mayor is on his side and anything bad being said about Camp Nuch is from Camp Delgadillo or somewhere else. CARMEN, mi amigo, Young Nephew Zuma Dogg is here to tell with, with all certainty, that Team Villar's spinloser trolls are on assignment to FUCK YOU UP EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! THEY ARE GOING TO BE HITTING YOU WITH EVERY PIECE OF DIRT THEY CAN FABRICATE! But anyway, we all know Villar & Associates are laying CRA sized bricks over Uncle Nuch comin' to town...but since my leak dripped it, I though I would repeat it. (It kinda shows the innocence and naivitay of my source that they think that is a tip. (LOL!)

ZUMA DOGG: I'm just the guy putting the football down for YOU the placekickers to put through the goal posts. I'll take it this far...if you have interest beyond this...ACTIVISTS, INVESTIGATORS AND JOURNALISTS...START YOUR ENGINES.

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