Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random Community Member SAVES Zuma Dogg! (An LAUSD Parent, to boot, thank you, very much!)

Huh...huh...huh...if you happened to have read the threads posted below this one, I think you would agree that ZD WAS having his worst day, ever.

I know I have said that I am having the worst day ever, before...but if you saw the movie "Office Space" (a movie I relate to, so check it out for more on ZD's previous life as a radio executive), you know that it can always get worse and so ever new day provides a new opportunity to be your worst day ever, which today is. You can see yesterday I was blogging that I have noticed some all time new lows for ZD as someone living on the streets for too long, lately.

So today was as bad as expected and really had to try and push the 24/7 blog treadmill as far away as possible, without putting the blog on private. Although I do not want to churn out NEW city hall/political activist blog content...I do not want to take all previous posts of the Google internet and other search engines. (If I put the blog on private, the history goes away, too on the internet...but the constant flow of information that I can not seem to get away from, and the free wi-fi and blog space means it is a 24/7 treadmill...and I wanna push it away, without losing the history.

So after this mornings blogging (below) I felt like I took the pressure off as I had to bite down hard and hold my breath until I was able to even move myself to start walking somewhere that would allow "something to happen" that might lead to me bumping or tripping into some food. (Even if that was going to the grocery store to ask for some small little samples behind the deli counter.)

So I started by looking under my car seat for some change for some coffee. I had a cup from yesterday's Starbucks, so that means I only needed .50 cents for a refill. But, I still had to look under my car seat for the .50 cents, and I had already gone on an explore and recover mission for change under the seat, recently. So, I had to dig deeper than ever, but I came up with .40 cents.

I DID have .23 cents on my PayPal card, so I was ready to pay the .40 cents in change, and put the extra .10 cents on the credit card.

So while in line for the .50 cent cup of coffee, of which I had .40 cents in cash, a gentlemen stands in line behind me, and this was a nice area of L.A., so I know it's no problem, so I say, "Do you have ten cents for a refill?" (As I am counting out my change.) He says, "Sure." And reaches in an pulls out his change.

He hands me a dime, and then says, "Do you need some more?" I say, "Wow, this happens to be the worst day of my life, and yeah, I could use some more change."

So he doesn't hand me ALL of the change, but pulls out four quarters and says, "Here, now you have a dollar." (WHICH WAS AWESOME OF HIM. Because I bothered him for a dime, he could see I needed it, so gave me a dollar in change, which is MUCH more than most people would do...especially since I was happy with the dime and HE brought up the "do you need more?"

So as he hands me the dollar in change, I feel so bad, I wanted to at least stick up for myself a bit, so I say, "Oh, thank you so much...I'm just having a really bad day...but I fight hard as an activist....maybe you even know me." (Just to let him know, at least I'm not just some guy standing on the street corner by the liquor store all day.)

But that was the ONLY thing I said. I wasn't wearing my ski cap and glasses. Had on a regular black collared shirt, didn't say, "City Hall" or "Zuma Dogg." Just tagged it with, "maybe you even know me."

He blurts out, "Zuma Dogg!?!?"





He says, "I DO read your blog. I didn't read it today, though." And he reaches for what is either a pistol or his wallet. And luckily it was his wallet. And he pulled out a $20 and hands it to me and says, "I'm an LAUSD parent."

YEAH, YEAH...Hoooooooooooooody hooooooooooooooooooo!

I said, "Oh man, thanks so much, if you read my blog you'll see I'm having the worst day of my life." But clearly it turned my whole mood around and immediately say, "LAUSD! They're trying to take away the inspector general. That's like the bank tellers saying they want to get rid of the security guard!" He liked that one. And I launched into an LAUSD rant in line to make more people in Starbuck's heard it!!!

So I wanted to let everyone know right away to help take down the alrert level to yellow from an all time first red alert.

Most people would be jumping off the highest Jack Weiss skyscraper in Century City if they found out they only had $20. But in a city of four million plus, when Zuma Dogg walks into a random Starbucks, and asks ONE person, at random, for ten cents...and he ends up not only recognizing me, but reaching right into his wallet to give me $20...THOSE ARE THE MIRACLES THAT ARE THERE TO AT LEAST KEEP ME HANGING IN THEIR ON EMERGENCY SUPPORT UNTIL THE NEXT MIRACLE COMES ALONG...

And you can say it's a coincidence, but it's really the result of the energy I have put out there under these circumstances, and to pull of one like this...THAT'S A SERIOUS QUANTUM EFFORT. So I would like to thank the universe for being there just when I really needed it.

I was at City Hall on Friday morning, and stepped into the elevator on the way to the 3rd floor council meeting, with my famous ZERO POINT ZERO ($0.00). SPENT OUT OF EVEN CHANGE...


But, that universal, quantum energy I speak of DRAGGED me to the meeting...and it took the effort of someone else to even get me to city hall...but SOMEHOW I ended up there, even though I was broke. But a lady noticed me on the elevator and whipped out a $20 dollar bill and said, "You may be different, but I like what you do."


So those are miracles that are being produced, but they are the result of the energy I am putting out there. AND, the reason these are miracles are because it never happens when I already have a five dollar bill in my pocket, or ten bucks that would mean I have thirty bucks.


I think it is apparant that the past 24 hours HAVE been the at least the universe recognizes that ZD deserves a little break...and they give it up.

NEXT TIME: I'll tell you about the time $100 popped out of an ATM machine as I walked by, just as I was wishing for it. (BUT AGAIN, it's not an exact science...and it doesn't work unless it's really needed.

But for now, I can see a big problem is the stress of being so broke beyond ususal brokeness, which is nutrition related.

So I am leaving the blog posts below for the record, because this blog can't go on if ZD can't go on, so sometimes the winds get too gusty and cable service goes down. But not only does the money help my physical body, the fact that random people are handing me $20 (cause even that nice guy was only going to give up one dollar until he found out it was ZD.)

SO THAT'S WHY I FEEL THE UN-NECESSARY PRESSURE TO CARRY ON WITH ALL OF THE POLITCAL ACTIVISM...The guy at Starbucks, lady in the elevator, and a bunch of other cool stories, recently, really are "signs" to me that it's worth it.

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