Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Morning EMERGENCY PayPal Request for Zuma Dogg To Keep on Truckin'...

Oh's only the 11am hour, on a Saturday no less, and I am already feeling the "pings and pangs" of not enough nutritious supplementation. (No food today, y'all!) I have boatloads of shadiness to blog about and I've already been on the phone for three hours today, and was on the phone NON-STOP all day yesterday. I can't type it up fast enough and I can see Zuma Central is about to have to shut down at the starting gate cause the yang is taking over the ying, y'all...and the only thing I'll be tweeting or blogging is panic. I need to hit Vitamin Barn ASAP because they have drinks there that are better than food once you get run down to this point. I'm gonna still sit here and get the next post ready. But it just gets harder and harder to focus and I'm able to sit here for shorter and shorter periods before I have to walk away to chill out. Cause this stuff that I am reading and typing makes me cranky, anyway...and when I get this hungry and the bio-chemistry gets off kilter due to the nutrition level...well...we've seen the entertaining Twitter posts.

SO IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO CAN EASILY AFFORD A PHILANTROPIC GESTURE TODAY WITHOUT CHANGING THE OUTCOME OF YOUR OWN WEEK, please try and figure out how to use the PayPal link and give an amount that YOU wouldn't even feel at the end of your month, but could change the entire outcome of everything for me today and this weekend.

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Confused and anonymous said..."I just spoke with Wendy today and she said she has not yet decided who to endorse. Don't know where you are getting this info ZD."

First of all, just because you spoke with Wendy and words came out of her mouth, means absolutely NOTHING. Your first mistake was asking the politician Wendy, herself about something you wanted to know the truth about. So you don't know Wendy, very well.

Secondly, I don't expect for you to know where I get my information. But if you would like to buy the Zuma Dogg "community inside information" franchise, call 213-785-7272 and make your best offer. I will tell you how I do it and issue you one black knit ski cap and "loc" style sunglasses.

And to the people who say, "OH, Wendy is SO SWELL!!! She rode in on her high horse and helped us say, "NO TO HOME DEPOT." NO PEOPLE!!! She used YOU to say "No Home Depot" FOR HER BENEFIT. In case you were not aware, Wendy's family, and now Wendy and her brother own a little store called, "FRONTIER BUILDING SUPPLY." That's kinda like a family version of...HOME DEPOT! So by saying "No" to Home Depot, everyone was able to say "YES" to not having "Frontier Building Supply" lose any business or contracts. (Oh, maybe you can check what projects were approved in Wendy's and other nearby districts and whether those projects were built and constructed by supplies driven out of "Frontier Supply.") GO GIVE WENDY AND AWARD AND THEN GO ELECT THE PERSON SHE WANTS TO CARRY ON IN HER TRADITION.

HEY CD 2 HOMEOWNERS: How do you feel about how Ms. Greuel has represented your district. How did the condo-conversions go? How have the middle class in the area been treated, stuck up for, and represented. DON'T SECOND GUESS ZUMA DOGG...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. OFR COURSE CHRIS ESSEL IS THE ANOITED ONE WENDY IS "QUEEN MAKING." That's not the issue. The issue is do you want to extend the Greuel administration and allow this type of political machine power strengthen it's grip district wide and city wide.

I guess I will have to educate and inform the public about Wendy more, so as to let them know what to expect with Chris. PEOPLE...YOU ARE FOOLED BY WENDY'S ABILITY TO SAY ANYTHING TO YOU AT ANYTIME, AND HER CUTE, ADORABLE HAIRCUT. (I THINK YOU ARE HYPNOTIZED BY HER ADORABLE HAIRCUT, YOU SPUN DUMMIES! YOU LIKE EVERYTHING I HAVE TO SAY, AND THINK I HAVE ALL THE INSIDE SCOOP AND ALL OF THAT...BUT FOR SOME REASON, I AM WRONG ABOUT WENDY, AND HAVE SOME REASON FEEL COMPELLED TO ALERT YOU, FOR NO REASON AT ALL? Think about it. Maybe she's just a better politician than the dummies around her who are more human and not as much of a cold, vindictive, machine. (Wendy will not use the office to "fix the city" but to politically retailliate against anyone who opposes her or her political cronies' agendas. YOU WILL SEE, MY FRIENDS WHO WENDY REALLY IS WHEN SHE TAKES OFFICE AND CAN'T HIDE BEHIND 14 OTHER BIGGER DUMMIES.

But oh yeah:

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