Monday, June 15, 2009

There has to be SOMEONE out there who can PayPal ZD so he can eat. Should I just delete this blog and stop?

Damn, y'all. I've basically said I am concerned for my safety over the concern of my health and asked for a donation today to help keep me from dropping on the street. NOTHING BUT CRICKETS. I'm about five minutes from saying, "Fuck it" and deleting this blog. Thanks for nothing. I'll be sure to return with the same.

I guess this will be the last post until I become VERY comfortable. And it ain't looking like I'll be able to challenge council on the Brown Act violation, because it's almost 5pm, and I haven't started TODAY yet, from an eating standpoint...I'M JUST PLAIN FUCKING PISSED PEOPLE. THANKS FOR NOT A GOSH DARN THING.

And now, I'm going to remove all the posts from today and over the weekend. Sorry, who do you know that puts in all this time for free? But you'll think it's bad of me to cut off the blog service.

I was desperate yesterday. Now I'm worse....pissed, too becasue unfortunately too many people have told me how valuable my efforts are in this city, more than ever over the past week and weekend. So if that's the case, the guy doing it all needs to be valued. Adios, a-holes. Thanks for the send-off party. I hear you loud and clear. ZD=ZERO! I get it. I tried to work with you. Go read Mayor Sam's blog.

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