Friday, June 5, 2009

VIllaraigosa Uses Community Fundraiser For Gang Youth As HIs Own Personal Press Conference (As If He Did A Damn Thing)

Community Groups get funds to steer local kids from crime

Ten community groups snapped up $5,000 each in grants Thursday from the San Fernando Valley Coalition on Gangs to help suppress the 80 gangs roaming the Valley and steer local kids in productive directions. [Can you say drip in the bucket? After the top front end loaded contracts that drip will have evaporated, already.]

Distributing the $50,000 the coalition raised during a Children's Day fundraiser in November, members said these local groups help save kids' lives through after-school homework programs, sports and empowerment classes.

"The goal is the day that we don't have innocents killed by the hands of guns and gangs SAID," Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa during the presentation at Church on the Way in Van Nuys.

HOW COME THE COALITION "RAISED", BUT VILLARAIOGSA "SAID." They did the work, he takes the bow. Nice move Douchetonia.

This little $50,000 is nice, but what happened the $24 million of gang reduction money that is being controlled in secrecy after the mayor autocratically took control of the money and refused to let us know who is getting it. And who decided he could do that?

So now, some other group has the fundraiser, and the mayor is there to use it as a photo opportunity to make it sound like HE did a damn thing about the problem.

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