Wednesday, June 3, 2009

World's TOP International Affairs Experts LIKES Zuma Dogg and L.A. Daily Blog (or at least is reading it, whether they like me, or not.)

With headlines like "Good morning International Money Launderers, Their Political Cronies and Investigators" you might end up getting some readership beyond the usual small potatoes blogging about L.A. City Council and that loser mayor, whose name I am already starting to forget about.

I have a feeling some of the content from a certain source of mine may have expanded readership outside of L.A. County.

No need to "blow up the spot" by using the actual name of this firm and it's CEO, but this blog SURE has come a long way from Zuma Dogg's (indistinguishable to Steve Perry's) version of Journey's "Dont' Stop Believing" to the type of high-level, INTERNATIONAL super-content that has the attention of at least ONE person who scares the hell out of Zuma Dogg.

From company profile:

International Affairs industry

THE NEGOTIATORS utilizes a synthesis of deal making and negotiation strategies developed during international crisis situations. These strategies have been adapted for the business world in order to produce durable agreements under intense and difficult circumstances..

Our consultants are seasoned former law enforcement negotiators who have spent significant amounts of time on the front lines of negotiation. Additionally, they have demonstrated they are accomplished instructors committed to the success of their students.

Our consultants understand the distinction between academic theoretical instruction and the requirements of the real world. Our training provides a systematic framework for analysis and concrete methods for implementation.


THE NEGOTIATORS is a strategic development advisory firm that focuses on negotiation. The CEO was the FBI's lead international kidnapping negotiator and now teaches international business negotiation at Harvard University. They help businesses survive, grow and thrive by applying the lessons of hostage negotiation to the business world.


Must be checking in to see THIS:
Because there is ALWAYS leverage!
(I fucking LOVE that slogan!)

UPDATE: Did some more research on this not-so-usual LA Daily Blog reader, and ZD may have just stumbled upon a new "mentor" in the area of "negotiating."

QUOTE: A more direct risk as a result of economic instability is workplace violence. In one French town, a company closed a plant and left workers with few protections, inciting a riot and a state of civil unrest in the town. With more forethought and consideration of the employees, the company could have headed off such a backlash.

I like THIS quote: "The biggest this is knowing when the answer is NOT a yes. And a lot of people like the sound of "yes" so much, that as soon as they hear something that sounds like yes, then they try to move as quickly past it as they can, because they think they have a solid yes. And knowing when "yes" is really a "maybe" is a HUGE issue."


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