Friday, June 26, 2009

Zuma Dogg KABC Radio Soundbite on Rocky Delgadillo (CA Attorney General Candidate)

Thanks so much to Michael Linder of Doug McIntyre's KABC 790/Los Angeles morning drive radio show for grabbing Zuma Dogg at City Hall and capturing this soundbyte from Big ZD on outgoing Shitty Attorney Rocktard Delgadilldo who is humiliating himself as a joke of a candidate for CA Attorney Generaloser.

Michael set me up by saying, "Zuma Dogg, City Council just paid tribute to outgoing City Attorney Rocky Delgadilo. What do YOU think of his adminstration, Zuma Dogg." (HUH...HUH...HUH...I WAS CRANKY, ANYWAY!)

Click here and forward in 22 minutes into this segment. (Hit "Open with" when given choice and player should pop up and start playing. THEN, forward in 22 minutes.)

And thanks to Doug for the comments and for the additional pile on!

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