Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zuma Dogg Places #1 & #2 Blog Posts in BlogNetNews NATIONAL U.S. Ranker (The HEAT, Y'ALL!!!)

Oh no! I feel like the in-laws just announced an impromptu drop by the apartment, and I have to clean it all up now. How ironic on the day I lose my mind on the blog, as never before, as I top one worse day onto of a worser...that last night's blogging ended up in the #1 and #2 spots on NATIONAL ranker of ALL blogs in their U.S. survey!!! (Last week, I placed ONE post at #2, for the first time, but I have never had two posts in the U.S. ranker, let alone #1 and #2. That's a problem for city hall shadiants whose names are being bandied about on this blog.

So I am going to clean up some of the posts (take some down) and it appears as though ZD is able to get some attention out there. And thanks to Bruce Springsteen who helped with the #2 post. BUT I GOT #1 ON MY OWN, Y'ALL...WITHOUT SPRINGSTEEN!

So now that I know all these people are reading.

Most-Clicked State Blogs


Today's Most Clicked POSTS - (California Ranker)
(4 in Top 6, including 3 in Top 3...thank you, thank you! And you KNOW how I've been living. And I do not have the benefit of blogging about the Lakers which boosts rankings. But the Lakers are not as big as Zuma Dogg.)

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