Sunday, June 7, 2009

Zuma Dogg Responds To Inferior Crybaby Political Operative Loser (Who Cannot Take My Blog Is #2 And Gaining Momentum,While Their Side Is Sinking Fast)

[Pictured: The people are on MY side you propaganda spinning, defeated, inferior losers.]

Some crybaby loser sent an email to Mayor Sam's publisher about me, which has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING I have posted in the comment section of his blog. And the coward sent an email with one of those addresses that you cannot reply to. So since the loser reads ever l-e-t-t-e-r I type, obviously, so that he may find some things to complain about, here is my reply on a blog that reaches a much bigger audience than this loser has, now that Mayor Sam is no longer approving these nutty kind of comments. So now, the loser's only resort is to send Mayor Sam an email. (Maybe he can send an email to Rush Limbaugh, then tell some people in line at the grocercy store, next!) Here's the loser, with [Zuma Dogg's comments in brackets.] Although it's a waste of taxpayer dollars to even post this on such a widely read blog, that needs to focus on BIG issues, but it's Sunday, and this gives you insight into some of the mentally unstable or purposefully decietful nutjobs that ZD has to deal with in between corrupt, RICO violation elected official on Spring Street and the fact that they corruptly and ir-resposibly drove the city into bankruptcy and now we are talking "population control" as a result. Oh HELL YEAH, they do not have the water for all the people they are building housing here for. So that means elderly go first. WE ARE TALKING POPULATION CONTROL, as the city is unable to provide basic services or safety, as the pension system crisis (the overall system, not the corruption) will end up being worse than subprime/forclosures and their effects on the housing market, local economy and global economy.

So there, at least this thread isn't a TOTAL waste of time. I just reminded people that the L.A., U.S. and INTERNATIONAL pension system is too big a burden on taxpayer dollars and is a time bomb about to explode that will sink the local, U.S. and international economy in a faster and bigger way than we have ever seen, and it's bigger than subprime. But keep on doing what you are doing and don't change a thing, you ir-responsible and powerless, too dumb to do the right thing even if you wanted to, losers.

And now, on with the countdown. And this long distance dedication is from an emotionally and intelectually inferior, powerless loser.

I do not know what is up with the zooma dogg,

[Then you can shut up or find out,
to start with. My number is posted on the blog you are reading my stuff on, or you can send me an email to find out, since you said you do not know what is up, but you feel free to assume, anyway, you crypussy.]

But he has been claiming that he is on the verge of death for days, but he has been writing to no end on his blog.

[So what? I didn't say I was on the verge, I said I hope I don't drop on the streets and I am obviously more concerned about it than in the past. And I do not like to have to complain publicly in the first place, but I am indeed desperate, and when I do complain, it helps because people help out enough to keep me carrying on. But that's all only on my blog, anyway, not at all on mayor sam's. I do not post it there.]

What gives, I do not know. What i do know is that you should not let him misuse your blog which i like so much.

[I have not posted any of the stuff you are referring to on his blog. You are truly insane or purposefully being deceitful. Perhaps you are referring to people, perhaps yourself, who reads my blog, then posts comments re-stating what I am saying, then complaining about it, and throwing un-truthful innuendos, like yours. I have responded to the crylosers that it is entirely possible that someone could be weak, sleep deprived, experience pings and pangs in their body, have a bad chemical reaction to lack of nutrition, but still be able to sit on a chair, not really moving too much and type on a computer. It's not like I'm putting in a day on the docks. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? And do you understand that I can sit at a coffee shop from 6am till closing for free using free wi-fi, then that same free wi-fi is available OUTSIDE on the street at night, until then next morning. YES, it's TRUE, people do not turn off their wi-fi units each night, and the wi-fi also goes outside. Do you get that?]

This ruins your credibility now go read what he has bin doing all day, and begging for money and saying he can not take it.

[If he does go read it, it will be on my blog or Twitter page. So why are you writing to him you cowardly,non-stand up,anonymous pussy who knows me personally so why don't you ask me you phony coward. YOU LOSE, bitch. I'm getting BIGGER and you're getting BITTER. You couldn't achieve what I have in the hearts and minds of the people in the most geographically large and culturally and demographically diverse region in the country no matter how much money or comfort you have. So you cry about it pussy. I am on the streets and you couldn't do it with all your comforts. It's called superior vs inferior. And crybabies like you are always the latter]

Thanks for following the leader! Yours in standing up against corruption as opposed to writing nutty and meaningless letters about Zuma Dogg,

Zuma Dogg
So legendary, it's a burden.

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