Monday, June 15, 2009

Zuma Dogg Shuts Down LA Daily Blog and Removes Recent Posts Due To Lack of Financial Support From Those Who Can Easily Afford It.

[Pictured: Two farewell moments. Carson leaves Tonight Show set and Zuma Dogg leaves LA Daily Blog headquarters.]

Not enough financial support from the community even though the blog has been on fire including having the #1 and #2 blog posts on NATIONWIDE U.S. Ranker today, so I know people are reading. Thanks for the great memories and everyone who helped me keep it going this long. L.A. Times, Daily News , 11 o'clock news and other news mediums will still be available to you. My friends have my number and can call to keep in touch.

And speaking of NBC and the bitter departures of two L.A. icons...HERE IS RARE & EXCLUSIVE VIDEO JUST FOUND IN ZumaCAM Digital Vault:
Zuma Dogg Unmasked on KNBC 4 News (Trutanich Victory Party)
Here is rare footage of Zuma Dogg interviewed by KNBC 4 News at the Trutanich Victory Party without hat and glasses.Thanks to the NBC reporter who was quite nice in his intro and respect level. And it was ESPECIALLY sweet, because I asked if he needed an "regular guy" interview, since I wasn't in ZD mode. He said, "No thanks." So I took a second pass and said, "Hi, would you like to interview me, I ran for mayor and came in fourth without spending any money." WELL, that was a giveaway. And he told me the producers were asking if I was there, cause they wanted to interview me, but he didn't see me. (Which is quite understandable, cause I was in my "Bruce Wayne" mode. SO, I had to jump up onstage for the impromptu interview. I am holding my own camera (this angle) while I was being interviewed on their camera.

And remember less popular councilmembers and chump change CD 2 wannabees...I am better known and much more beloved by the public than you!

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