Monday, June 1, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWEETS Inside Details on Obama Scorning Villaraioga at Last Week's L.A. Fund Raiser & Governor Hopes

# FOR THE RECORD: I really have not made a decision to run for City Council District 2 in Oct, but it may be hard for me to watch from sides.

# If you don't vote for Zuma Dogg 4 City Council if I decide to run, you will be hurting kids!

# Knowing Obama likes to be seen embracing Latino politicians BUT WOULDN'T GET NEAR VILLAR? Maybe Obama knows of FED problem & needs distance.

# Maybe NEW YORK Attorney General is giving Villar a pass in exchange for mayor's political support, but CA Attorney General Brown?...NO PASS!

# Do you REALLY think Villar has shot at Gov when Obama won't even be seen with him at last week's L.A. fundraiser? Obama will back opponent.

# PROBLEM WITH MAYOR'S BUDGET: It's a 100% joke, based on FALSE revenue projections. Local economy is MUCH, MUCH worse than they planned for.

# One thing I would ask Villaraigosa as CM is how he plans to address the budget IN REALITY cause L.A. to take in MUCH less $ than expected!

# To think I am even CONSIDERING running for City Council...WHERE DID MY MOTHER GO WRONG! How did I fall so low? Have I NO shame or dignity?

# You would have to be crazy to go against ZD in Council District 2 election in Oct. I'm just WAY to popular! Sorry, Tamar. No Team Villars.

# Might be time to fire up the old political machine and call Wetherly Capital for backing: CD 2 election filing starts first week of July.

# ZD agrees with City Attorney elect Trutanich that biggest medi-marijuana problem are doctors who over-write prescriptions.Some NEVER refuse.

# June issue of LA Jemme (Medi-Marijuana listings) DOUBLED in size this past month. Other mags getting thinner in this economy. Tax relief?

# You can tell L.A. medi-marijuana dispensaries are popping up ike weeds. June copy of LA Jemme (co-op listing mag) is a MASSIVE 200 pages.

# Why can't mayor run for Governor until Sept? Not sworn in until July. Aug is too slow. You CAN'T have any pudding till you finish your meat.

# If Villaraigosa even THINKS of running for Governor, which would be idiotically shameless, he can't THINK of announcing until Sept.TOO LATE!

# I don't think a decision has been made, but no way Villaragiosa runs for Governor. His machine fell apart and Barack will back any opponent.

# Mayor's staff trying to flee City Hall. People hate working there. This chump is toast and will be recalled or indicted. 4 years? NO WAY!

# Villaraigosa wanted to introduce Obama last week/be seen as "pals." Was told he could attend, but no VIP. Do you think he's gonna be Gov?

# Why Villaragiosa WAS NOT at Obama fundraiser last week: Mayor wanted to "be seen" with Obama & introduce him. They said no, so he didn't go.

# WHY ZD IS THINKING OF RUNNING FOR COUNCIL DISTRICT 2 (BIG REASON): Did I, or did I NOT call the BIG problem:Villar's Pension Commissioners!

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