Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zuma Dogg's DEVASTATING Public Comment at L.A. Council Meeting Over Water Crisis, Death & Density (They cause it all!)

Who knows what makes one Zuma Dogg "public comment" stand out as more "devastating" than any other, but when I just watched this one back on the video replay, it's a pretty good rant on the effects of density caused by L.A. City Council. Hope I didn't build it up too much, but it's a pretty compassionate plea from a concerned citizen.

“CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO:...Mr. Dogg, item 16,

This one is good too: “...Zuma dogg is our speaker on 18...”

Seinfeld Guy: "You're KILLIN' 'em, Jerry...you're KILLIN' 'em!"

NOTE: Watch Eric Garcetti cut Matt Dowd off for some reason after ZD's #18 and Eric's warning. Nothing wrong with his little comments after, but do you think Matt deserved to be cut off, LEGALLY?

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