Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Arrogant, Smart Ass Richard Alarcon Condems HOMELESS For "WASTING TIME" Making Superflous Comments Council DOES NOT CARE ABOUT AND WILL NOT ACT ON!

LA City Council Discusses "code of conduct"/First Amendment Crackdown: They are SO full of shit and outside any real law with any legal standing, I wonder if they know how arrogant and pompous they are coming across, besides being WRONG.

GRIEG SMITH, L.A.'s King of Whiny Dumb Pension Money Losing Crybabies: I never knew Councilmember Grieg Smith was not only such a whiny crybaby, but dumb and arrogant ontop of it. I knew he was arrogant and overly defensive for the people's own good, and nothing is ever city council's fault, even though it is bankrupt and can't even operate anymore...BUT COUNCIL DID EVERYTHING PERFECTLY...but I didn't know Grieg was DUMB, which he clearly demonstrated that he is during his comments today about public comment. So there IS no Santa Claus, and Grieg Smith is a dumb, whiny crybaby...and a $7 Billion dollar pension LOSER! CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OF MR. SMITH'S ARROGANT DUMB ILLOGIC! (It gets dumber as he goes on. WHAT A CRYBABY. I THOUGHT YOU USED TO BE A COP. WHAT KIND OF COP? SISSY COP? HEY GRIEG SMITH YOU ASSHOLE, DON'T TRY AND READ MY MIND, BITCH AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT WHEN I'M TALKING! YOU DON'T KNOW WHY I DO WHAT I DO. A NON-STAND UP PUSSY LIKE YOU COULD NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY A "HERO" (AS I AM REFERRED TO BY YOUR CONSTITUENTS) DO WHAT I DO!

ERIC GARCETTI: A decible meter MUST be installed and must have equal enforcement for all and you better find out what that legal limit is. Whatever it is, I ASSURE YOU, Zuma Dogg is compliant 99% of the time. There is a difference between a loud voice and "yelling." LEARN THE DIFFERENCE YOU SWEATING PUSSY. Get some powder for your forehead. What are you so nervous about? That big Lear Jet in the LAX hangar?

RICHARD alarCON: LOOK AT WHAT A POMPOUS AND ARROGANT SON-OF-A-BITCH, SMART ASS THIS CRYBABY RICHARD ALARCON IS. Look how he condems homeless people who show up to city hall to talk about important issues. I find it shocking that he admits these people are, "wasting time with superfluous comments about things they do not care about and will not act on. Hmmm. Here's a quote from a guy who is such a crybaby, he can't even walk around in his own community without being scoffed at. HEY RICHARD, WE'VE HEARD ENOUGH ABOUT IT. "FUCK YOU AND YOUR...

"When I see some of the public comments and some of the speakers who are making comments I see that we have so much more to do in regard to issues of drugs, mental health issues in society. I'm convinced by these speakers that we have not met our goal of changing our world to be a better place. I believe that we need to end homelessness and some of these speakers reinvigorate my passion to do that because they create such sadness in me that they are in such a condition that they would waste their time in city council to make making superfluous arguments about things we don't care about and will not act on. I chose to take it as a symbol as the work we have to do to ed the scourge of drug use and abue in our community and mental health problems.

Hmmm, Richard. I'm homeless. I warned you about not funneling shady money into the Children's Museum and that you would never have the money paid back and that the city would lose it. AND YOU ARE didn't care and the city lost the money in the project that went bankrupt and belly up.

You are right, Mr.'s one you can chew the fat on with Mark Siffin and ask him about this one: I know I warned about bogus subprime paper. Turns out you and Padilla may end up getting caught with your pants down on this one, son. So I warned you superflously about SUBPRIME if you seem to have a really bad memory, Dick...OR you are senile or just a full of shit liar.

HEY DICK ALARcon, I know I warned of LACERS money being funneled into bullshit CRA projects like Grand Ave Project and other loser real estate projects after the bubble burst already. AND YOU ARE RIGHT, CLOWN...YOU DIDN'T CARE AND YOU DID NOTHING. As a result, the city lost $7 Billion in pension money and the city is faced with bankruptcy you communist dummy!

I know I have complained about your thug staffer who bullies the community on Garcetti's Echo Park NC. And now there is all this talk about him physically knocking a disabled lady down and police were called and it's all being sorted out. AND YOU DID NOTHING. (Boy Richard, maybe you AREN'T full of shit?)

I know I complain about the contracts you send over to Padilla (not Alex) outside LA City...WHY ARE YOU HAVING CONTRACTED WORK DONE BY YOUR PALS OUTSIDE LA CITY, RICHARD. I guess you aren't going to do anything about that.

Hey Alarcon...SCREW YOU PAL, you shameless coward. You think you are so slick, but you can't even walk around your own neighborhood without being scoffed and scroned by you own people. I HEAR EVERYTHING ALARCON. I used to have SOME empathy for you...but that pass has been REVOKED, BITCH! So Mr.'s my question to you, Mr. Can't Even Walk Around in Your Own Community...


JANICE HAHN: I go hard on her a lot, but looks like she is the most ZD friendly on this issue. YOU WON POINTS JANICE WITH ZD...LOOKS LIKE SOME OTHER CMs WILL BE GETTING MORE OF MY ATTENTION THAN YOU NOW, SWEETIE! ;-)

Council President can kick people out of the meeting without a warning!!!
Then the speaker can be banned from speaking for 30 meetings, not 30 days.

The matter will be voted on in one week. Herb Wesson was confused when he found out it wasn't being voted on yesteday (Wed). HERB, IT WAS A DISCUSSION TODAY, NOT A VOTE. Damn, Herb...all those staffers and you still looked like an un-prepared idiot.

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