Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zuma Dogg Supporter Weighs In With Info On City's $30 Million Cirque de Soleil Loan (The Show Is STIFFING in Vegas!)

Cirque de Soleil is in Vegas in a HORRIBLY reviewed show with Chris Angel called "Believe".

All the reviews and fan response is negative.

The LA times in their Vegas review said they just knocked 40% off ticket prices and the show is dying.

Cirque De Soleil is going to lose money and reputation by the time they come to L.A. and won't pay the the b.s. loan back.

Anyway, here's the article but its big news all over how the show is's the LATIMES on lowering ticket prices, show dying,etc...CLICK HERE FOR VEGAS ARTICLE.

Councilmember Zuma Dogg would be a "No" vote on a $30 million dollar loan of HOUSING and Urban Development money for a circus.

AND, Zuma Dogg would be a "NO" vote on spending $40 million dollars on two elephant statues at Hollywood and Highland, now that we are on the topic. So here is the agenda item:

ITEM NO. (DUMB): Due to the fact that we want to make Hollywood and Highland Kodak Theater area the "most beautiful" area in the world, let's spend $40 MILLION on elephant statues.

Zuma Dogg: NO
Chris Essel: Sad to say was "YES" on the $40 mil for the statues.

AND THEN, Architectural Digest called the entire project the ugliest project in the country. Oops! NOT quite the, "most beautiful" comment as Essel described it in the media before it was voted "most ugly."

And speaking of Chris Essel: One thing that I don't like are the way these billboard companies operate in the city. Chris took her career paycheck from Paramount. They are owned by Viacom. Guess who the biggest billboard law breakers are in the city? VIACOM! So look for Chris to have a great working relationship with the billboard companies, giving them what they need. Zuma Dogg will be representing the other side. (Aka: Community members.)

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