Friday, July 31, 2009

Hey Stuart Walman of VICA...Who is this PUNK Aaron Green of AFRIAT CONSULTING? And PAUL KREKORIAN, Do You Support Jeremy Oberstein's TWEETING?

Hey Stuart Waldman of VICA...who's this guy AARON GREEN, formerly of VICA, now with Steve Afriat's consulting firm?

Can Steve Afiat or Stuart Waldman tell me where this arrogant looking punk get off declaring that a citizen running for office, when so few do, is a waste of the public's dollars?

HOW COME IT IS NOT A WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY WHEN TAMAR GALATZAN RUNS. She is taking a full time salary from the city attorney's office...sits on LAUSD as a boardmember and has no business running for office which such a full plate. (Feel sorry for her kids. They must of forgotten what she looks like.)

Hey better do some market research out there in the field on your subjects before you pop off at the mouth. YOU WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING. YOU ARE CLEARLY A FOLLOWER WITH THAT COMMENT, AND FOLLOWERS ARE NEVER LEADERS.

When you can walk down the street and have random strangers stop dead in their tracks and tell you what they tell me...then take the douchebag out of your mouth and say something about me. Aaron...I can tell by looking at you...YOU DO NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO COME CLOSE TO ACHIEVING THAT RESULT. But have fun trying to ride on someone else's jockstrap.


  1. And Zuma Dogg qualifed for CD2 also? Does he really need to waste the public's dollars by running? DUDE!
ENJOY YOUR NEW JOB AT Afriat Consulting (LOBBYING FIRM). What a leadership gig. A lobbyist is calling me a waste of taxpayer dollars. LOL! Is STEVE AFRIAT paying you to call a concerned citizen's right to run for office a "waste of the public's money." HEY A-HOLE...PLEASE RUN A COST ANALYSIS OF HOW MUCH MONEY I AM WASTING, please. Is the city paying for my campaign. I'm sorry for the expense to check the signatures and count my votes. Maybe you can ask the City Attorney's office to re-coup the expenses some how. Maybe you can set up a PayPal donation page for the city to help re-coup the waste of money. Way to stand up, lobbist!

Hey Steve Afriat, I hope there is no issue with Aaron's Tweeting getting all mixed in with the work he does for you. Which is which? Do you support the comments that a concerned citizen in this city running for public office is a waste of taxpayers money? Maybe we can just let Mr. Afriat pick and choose who should run the city and we can save a whole lot of money with elections? And Aaron, I would like to see the cost analysis of how much my candidacy cost the city. They had to print the signature petitions on paper. Count the signatures and verify them. Then count the votes in an election they are holding anyway. THE WASTE OF MONEY IS WHEN AN ELECTED OFFICIAL LIKE PAUL KREKORIAN QUITS ONE POSITION TO TAKE ANOTHER, RESULTING IN HAVING TO HOLD A SPECIAL ELECTION, WHEN HE WAS JUST RECENTLY ELECTED IN THE LAST ELECTION. THAT is a waste of public money, you idiot!

PAUL KREKORIAN'S PRESS SECRETARY WANTS TO JUMP IN, TOO?: Well, now that BURBANK ASSemblymember Paul Krekorian's Press Secretary Jeremy Oberstein decided to jump in with a re-tweet of Steve Afriat's Press Boy comments about Zuma Dogg running for office...I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF MR. KREKORIAN AGREES WITH HIS PRESS SECRETARY?

on the Twitter profile page, so I would assume you are speaking for the Assemblymember who is going to have his ASSembly ASS handed to him by me during the forums. HOW MUCH YOU WANNA BET HE HAS TO STOP SHOWING HIS FACE AND HAS TO STOP SHOWING UP.

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