Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's Too Early on Sunday Morning For This SHIZNIT...Help ZD Get Some Good Nutrition...THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A GODD POST ABOUT CITY HALL

Weekly Influence Index - BlogNetNews California Statewide Ranker

  • Politics in the Zeros (1)
  • Liberal OC (2)
  • California Progress Report (3)
  • L.A. Daily Blog (4)
  • Orange Punch (5)
[ZD's LA Daily Blog ONLY local L.A. blog in Top 5 ranker...thank you...glad to do it while homeless and starving and in physical pain on the streets. I slept on the sidewalk next to a garbage dumpster to be hidden last night. I should give lessons on how to be amazing but you still wouldn't be.]

Maaaaaaaan, there's nothing worse than being "all revved up with no place go," like Meatloaf said in 1977. Although my body is so taxed and spent, I still have all the info in my head I want to get out on the blog including the antidote-spin (clarification of non-truths with facts) to some of the propaganda spin Team Villaraiogsa's pussy-trolls are throwing out there. You know, all those Avril "Ace (Frehely)" Smith wannabees who like to take a little bit of a truth, then add a little bit of un-truth on top, then take it from there. It didn't seem to work for Measure H, B, Weiss and barely kept Villar out of a run-off and ran him right into a "booooooooo" at the Lakers parade and ran him right OUT of the governor's race. So yeah, I was going to go to work on combating that b.s. loser-spin, based on loser-lies...but, I'm sleep deprived and don't have a five dollar bill to get some nutrition in me to help jump start my brain. SO, unfortunatley, Team Villaraigosa gets a pass, my side gets some unanswered shots; I need a new battery charger for the ZumaCAM so all the footage of City Hall inaugural, Nuch's press conference and ZD singing "Man in the Mirror" with the BIG Tabernacle choir at inaugural is stuck on my camera, unable to be posted until I get a new charger (which will never happen until I get a spare $30, or however much it costs...and that is NEVER...and it makes my brain overheat to have all this stuff in my head, unable to get it out. AND THE MAIN THING IS, even this weekend, people have been calling me to "follow up" on projects and idea and hopes and dreams for a time other than TODAY. FORGET THAT. Don't call to ask me about chit chatting to hone in on an idea or project that is not TODAY! FUCK THAT SHIT. And now I have a real problem, cause my body is basisically shut down, so I won't be able to do anything at Venice Beach today to try and generate five or ten or maybe even twenty bucks. And I can't focus or concentrate enough to crank out the good political analysis stuff and all the detailed stuff I wanna blog...but I can sit here and crank out bitter-cranky rants all day long until 2am this morning. So you should probably check out of this blog and check into one of the others. And OH YEAH, this blog ranked #4 this week on BNN Statewide Ranker. No other L.A. blog was in the Top 5. ZD's was #4.(Glad I am so burnt from homelessness, hunger and the street-life related stress that I still outperformed the rest of the city and 97 of the other 100 blogs across the state. (Glad you enjoyed it. My displeasure.)

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