Tuesday, July 28, 2009

L.A. City Hall Should Open A Medical Marijuana Collective and Medication Lounge Next To The Coffee Shop!

We all know a lot of people who work at city hall must be walking around on "indica-based" medical marijuana (that makes you tired and slows you down and makes you goofy); and of course the public comment speakers sure as hell need medical marijuana to make it through these city council meetings and be able to make any sense out of them; so City Hall should open their OWN Medical Marijuana collective on the second floor of city hall next to the coffee shop. That way, when there is a long agenda item when all the councilmembers are grandstanding and kissing ass, people could run downstairs to the medication lounge and medicate. Hey, it beats having to walk down the street and have the money go somewhere else other than city hall. If Obama wants to get two people to work out their personal matters over a beer. Zuma Dogg says, imagine the bridges that could be built and fences that could be mended when ZD and AV are blazing it up on sativa...NEVER INDICA in the City Hall medical marijuana medication lounge.

The city is broke and can't pay the pension benefits...POT FOR PENSIONS!

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