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LA Daily Blog EXCLUSIVE: Detailed analysis of Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) Money Being Spent On LAPD at LAX (and THAT whole Tug-o-War)

It's funny, as I was reading this, the voice of someone I know popped into my head as though he were reading it. Wish I knew, for sure. Anyway, this is complicated as hell and there's no way I am even going to try to read it, let alone follow it, but it's the type of thing YOU may big, baby. So have a happy time reading this fun stuff, you civic nerd. But hey, at least I copied and pasted it (I should have said, "by Zuma Dogg" and taken credit for it all!:
dateSat, Jun 27, 2009 at 2:16 AM
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Follow up message
Attached you will find a breakdown of LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports) money being spent on housing LAPD at LAX. The total cost to house the substation alone is 16 million dollars that LAWA pays. Why? When there is a police department dedicated to LAX (Airport Police). It's called Airport Revenue Diversion. If you recall Mayor Riordan took money from LAWA during his time as Mayor in one lump sum, but when the FAA found out he was forced to pay it back. Now it appears as though the current "powers at be" are doing the same only keeping it under the radar with city mandates requiring departments like LAXPD the Port Police and General Services to use LAPD's Academy. Why should LAXPD use an academy that cost LAWA nearly 3x more than the fully accredited Rio Hondo Police Academy. As far as this Airport Revenue Diversion goes just recently LAWA has been audited by the FAA over the use of Airport Funds to advertise at LAX for the benefit of the City of LA (google LA INC). Airport funds need to be spent a certain way and can not be diverted to the general fund. Perhaps the FEDS will do another audit and the city being forced to repay the diverted money they don't have now (we are talking millions), then how is that going to leave the city???

Now this document shows that a Capt. 2 for the LAPD substation is making a Base Pay of $148,267 but in the end LAWA is being charged $ 363,610 . Now i know that the Capt 2 is not taking home $ 363,610 so where is the difference going ? Supposedly LAWA is also paying for the benefits and "pensions" of the LAPD personnel at LAX along with Div. OH (Overhead) why charge for overhead when LAWA provides everything (building, equipment, pencils, paper etc.) I use the Capt 2 as the example but as you can see there are many different positions LAWA is paying for, again WHY? LAXPD can handle the job at the Airport. Why is it that the City of LA only charges the Airport Police to book suspects at their jails, School Police, Port Police, CHP don't get charged yet the Airport Police gets charged for booking, oh I mean LAWA gets charged again.This info is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Now Jack Weiss has been the "Mouth" if you will, that has called for study after study to try to show a need for LAPD to take over LAXPD (The CTI study cost $900,000) it came back saying that LAXPD is clearly capable of taking care of the policing at LAX. Yet LAPD still has a presence at LAX that isn't needed especially when Pacific Div is 3 miles away. I'm sure the residents of the City that are paying higher trash bills to have more cops on their streets would love to have the approx 150 LAPD offficers in their parts of the City to protect them.

Oh wait, I forgot some of them are in their parts of the City Like the Bomb Squad and Bomb K9 resources that are being paid for (Equipment too) by LAWA to work at Dodger Stadium, The Kodak Theater, Staples Center and other City High Profile Events all on LAWA's Dime. Again, Airport Revenue Diversion!! And don't think for one second that the Mayor, Jack Weiss, Gina Marie Lindsay, Director James Butts (since arriving LAPD presence has grown), LAXPD Homeland Security Section Chief Erroll Southers, LAXPD Chief George Centeno, LAXPD Asst Chief William Thompson, LAXPD Asst. Chief Frank Fabrega (All New LAXPD Command Staff Brought in By James Butts) can't possibly claim they DON'T Know what's going on.... Come on now. LAPD has grown in numbers since the arrival of Butts and his Buddies (Literally Check their relationships out) yet LAXPD is having their numbers cut, but wait I thought that LAWA was a proprietary agency??? My thought is as long as LAXPD is around then you always run a chance of a whistle blower shedding some light on the revenue diversion, but if LAPD were to merge with LAXPD then no one from LAPD would talk about the illegal revenue diversion going on to the city's general fund because LAPD would benefit from it.

I will end this email for now with a question. If LAWA is paying into the LAPD personnel's pensions is the CITY of LA also paying into to them and if so why should there be a double payment into a pension fund?? Unless the extra proceeds maybe going to an investment company that is ........... wonder if the dots connect to something I've read before on a blog somewhere????

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