Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Message to L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti From Zuma Dogg

Alright, I get it! Even though I am allowed to call L.A. City Council, "losers" or "dumb" under the First Amendment, I can see that's the WORST thing a guy could say to them.

You see, to me...I want to call them a bunch of corrupt fucking assholes! So if ZD clenches his teeth, has 8 medical marijuana brownies before the meeting, and tries as hard as he can...he can tone it down to something manageable, which I thought was something mild like, "losers." (Not "fuckers" or anything REALLY profane. "Dumb" at the worst.)


But no! What I realize, is that it's the "you dumb losers" at the end of it that is driving them nuts and getting them all worked up...LOL!

So I am being serious when I say, "I get it guys." You don't want to be totally slapped around in a way that is so "degrading." See that's the word I would use. Not DISRUPTIVE, but "degrading." But maybe you are allowed to be degrading, but I understand the stuff ZD is exposing is really rough enough to endure on the day in and day out basis that it is being distributed...SO I THINK I CAN EASY LEAVE OUT THE "LOSERS" AND "DUMB" DESCRIPTORS. No, it's not selling out. No, it's not backing down. It's about what is "comfortable" for ZD. And I like to be comfortable and have a comfortable energy in the chambers. And no one ever stopped me on the street and said, "Wow ZD! You're great...I love how you stand up and call them "dumb" or "losers." IT'S NOT ABOUT THAT. THAT DOESN'T UNDERMINE MY ACTIVISM MESSAGE. SO LET'S SEE IF I CAN DO IT!

OTHER CONCERNS HOWEVER: I think I can easily live without having to say "dumb" and "losers" but here is a real problem: There is a difference between delivering a passionate speech in a HUGE chamber, when people are talking in the background, and you are trying to cut through with your point and express some real concern, dare I say outrage at the situation.

NOW I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT "YELLING." To me, I don't mind if someone asks me to quiet down, if they are legally allowed to under the Brown Act if it is "yelling." And to me, that is when your pitch shifts up into another register. An "upping of the ante" if you will. HOWEVER, I believe Garcetti has a MUCH LOWER THAN REASONABLE enforcement of ZD's volume. I DO NOT WANT TO BE WARNED OR KICKED OUT OR INTERUPTED OVER NORMAL PASSIONATE SPEECH THAT IS NOT "YELLING" AT COUNCIL. YES, I'm loud. My voice carries more than most. It cuts through. I understand. It's not a disruption. It's not anything that is in violation of any codes or laws. I will try and be more sensitive myself, cause one calls ZD a genuis hero people's champ cause I "yell." (That hurts my image, if anything with people. I know people say, "He's just some screaming crazy guy." But ME, help YOU!
(Try not to talk too much and too loud on your side of the rope...not saying I need silence...but sometimes I have to talk more loud to get above it. AND TO PROVE IT IS NOT JUST ZD WHO WANTS TO YELL JUST TO BE DEGRADING...all of you know when ZD is giving public comment in the SMALLER, more QUIET COMMITTEE MEETINGS, ZD always uses his soft-spoken, chilled-out, SNOOP DOGG voice. YOU KNOW I AM ALWAYS CHILL AND POLITE IN COMMITTEE MEETINGS!!! So it's not like I can't control myself. It's the environment.

BUT HERE'S THE BIG PROBLEM ERIC...AND MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE OF THE "DEGRADING" STUFF I SLIP OUT SOMETIMES ("dumb/losers") THAT YOU ARE DOING IT...But Eric, you are just flat-out NUTZ for what you did on Friday at the meeting. You just randomly and arbatrarily decide to interupt me FOR NO REASON TO SAY, "Watch your language." (For the record, and you can see the video, I was calm, chill, polite, upbeat...not even a HINT of any languange related issues...but Eric STOPS ME TO INTERRUPT TO SAY, "Watch your language.")

I say, "Well, I don't cuss. I might talk a little loud, but not cuss." Garcetti adds, "I'm warning you." Hmmm, never heard no pre-emptive warnings, but if he wants to give one, feel free...BEFORE THE CLOCK STOPS, OR AFTER THE CLOCK STOPS. But if you do it WHILE the clock is running...I will simply continue and add it to the lawsuit.

So don't expect ZD to over-react, because now I have the law on my side and representation on my simply violate away, I will continue speaking, and it will all be included for the 90 day cycle.

AGAIN, not to be combative...the good news is, I wanted to break the good news to Council, that ZD finally sees how much it is the "dumb" and "losers" stuff that is making you NUTZ, because it's just so degrading. And I don't need it to be about that. So I expect to easily drop that material. So let's just leave it at that! ;-)

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