Friday, July 3, 2009

MORE Zuma Dogg TWITTER Posts for 4th of July (Shine on You Crazy Diamond)

  1. The Zuma Dogg podium persona and delivery is based on the legendary New York DJ Scott Shannon. Lil ZD used to call into his show from Ohio!
  2. New Yorkers now living in L.A. who know Zuma Dogg may get a kick to find out his delivery at the mic is based on Z100/PLJ's Scott Shannon.
  3. Zuma Dogg has been on local cable TV in Los Angeles at LEAST once a week for 9 years now! I'M FUCKING HUGE IN L.A.CITY! Deal with it people.
  4. Remember L.A. City Council, when ZD is speaking he is more well known and more respected for the right reasons than any of YOU 15 puppets.
  5. The Evolution of Zuma Dogg Part 2:
  6. The Evolution of Zuma Dogg Part 1:
  7. ZD is scheduled to shoot a "pilot" reel for a producer June 12-13th. Maybe I'll drag the three camera crew to City Hall for Council meeting.
  8. Zuma Dogg's 4th of July Concert: Original ZD rap track: "As U Can See."
  9. 4th of July Concert Special: Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd Perform "Comfortably Numb"
  10. @ValleyDoll aksed if I knew Streets of Fire by Springsteen. That's the song I relate to on very dark nights when I walk the streets alone.
  11. I live now, only with strangers I talk to only strangers I walk with angels that have no place -Springsteen/Streets of Fire
  12. And when you realize how they tricked you this time, And it's all lies, but I'm strung out on the wire In these streets of fire.
  13. And the weak lies and cold walls you embrace eat at your insides and babe I ain't a liar I walk Streets of fire. Springsteen/Streets of Fire
  14. When the night's quiet and you don't care anymore. Your eyes are tired and someone's at your door. You realize you wanna let go. Springsteen
  15. Yes, Someone claims they will show ZD quality pincam video of City Council office they have been filming for months. Will let you know when.
  16. Far more U.S. jobs cut than expected. Unemployment hit 9.5%, highest in 25 years, underscoring probable long, slow recovery from recession.
  17. A day after being sworn in for 2nd term, L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa jetted off to South Africa for a nine-day vacation w/girlfriend.
  18. Looks like Trutanich is gonna be a more open door City Attorney. Said he took locks off door, at press conference ZD was able to walk into!
  19. Tonight I'll be on that hill cause I can't stop. I'll be on that hill w/everything I got. Lives on the line where dreams are found and lost.
  20. Tonight I'll be on that hill cause I can't stop. I'll be on that hill, with everything I got. - Bruce Springsteen "Darkness...Edge of Town"
  21. I've become NIGHTMARE ZD as I am hit with overwhelming avalanche of accolades from public as I realize it will never pan out into anything.
  22. I hate that Wilson-Phillips song "Keep The Dream Alive." I'm writing a song, "Time to Pull The Plug And Let Dream Die (Alone on Streets)."
  23. I hate the song, "Don't Dream It's Over." I don't HAVE to "dream" it's over. I KNOW it's OVER regarding anything to help me off streets.
  24. I'm in BIG trouble people...Feels like any dream of a shred of success is O-V-E-R while I run myself out on the streets. Rocket maaaaaaaan!
  25. "An if you REALLY want to know our views, you haven't done nothin'!" - Stevie.Wonder
  26. I don't think Controller Wendy Greuel is gonna do SHIT in office except keep her political opponents in check as she runs for mayor vs Eric.
  27. Wish I could post ZD having FUN w/City Hall crowd at inaugural ceremony and Nuch's 1st Press Conference (exclusive) but lost ZCam charger.
  28. Lost charger for ZumaCAM so the footage of Nuch's 1st Press conference and funny inaugural coverage and police hassling ZD stuck on camera.
  29. Thanks to Wendy Greuel, Antonio Villaraiogsa, Paul Koretz and Dennis Zine for having Zuma Dogg at their inaugural parties. GREAT FREE FOOD!
  30. City Council needs to remember who the best-known, most beloved, respected and anticipated person IS between the 16 of us when I speak!
  31. ZD spent past 9 years immersed in public while seen on local cable constantly. People approach ZD and give him feedback. Nice relationship.
  32. ZD has been on local L.A. cable for 9 years. He doesn't perform/say what HE wants: He says/performs what THE PEOPLE want, BASED ON FEEDBACK!
  33. August will mark nine years of Zuma Dogg on L.A. cable, including 3 intense years on TV 35. Test my videos vs your TOP HOLLYWOOD projects.
  34. I challenge anyone from Hollywood trying to do a focus group with anything off Zuma's YouTube channel VERSUS ANYTHING YOU GOT! ZD WINS!
  35. Very few people in Hollywood have had so many families (kids, teens and parents) approach them to say, "You're the one show we ALL like!"
  36. August will mark nine years that Zuma Dogg has been hanging in there as L.A. media performer and have met 1000s of people who thank me!
  37. The good thing about Zuma Dogg is he is independant. The only relationship he has is with La Gente'. (The People). YOU CANNOT BUY THAT!
  38. Someone says they will show me video of an L.A. City Council office where someone has been wearing tiny pin cam for months. Will let u know
  39. POWERS OF ZUMA DOGG: Just walked 50 feet down street and within less than a minute an SUV screeched brakes and pulled over for ZD shout-out!
  40. Thank you to all the people (including radio) who say ZD helped ROCK the election when Trutanich beat Weiss. Because of NUCH, GLAD I DID IT!
  41. BlogNetNews Ranking For Week Comes Out Tonight at 9pm: My blog should probably DROP a lot cause I put on private/didn't promote this week.
  42. Welcome to the new era of the Zuma Dogg Phenomenon. Now known as "Nightmare ZD!" A Joker-like character fueled by bitterness and accolades.

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