Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OMG!!! The Beloved Laura Chick HAMMERS AWAY At New City Attorney Carmen Trutanich

Laura Chick, not cutting new City Attorney Carmen Trutanich any slack this morning on L.A. morning drive radio.

""The city attorney has gone back on his word. He is not a man of his word, to me, and I have told him this to his face. I told him that HE LIED in order to get my support. I know that there are politicians who think that the public is stupid and they can manipulate their public and come out with these little soundbites and campaign promises. But, I believe that the public sees through these things. And that they are going to see that what they've got in this city attorney is a demagogue. Is a man who will say anything to get elected and he will go out and make empty speeches. But when you look behind the words, it's not just's lies." - Laura Chick (Inspector General of California's Federal Stimulus Money)

Click here for audio.

WOW...Looks like Laura feels a little burnt and lied to by Nuch. Hmmm. I'm still a fan of what I am seeing from Nuch, so far, inside council chambers; even though ZD ain't exactly being embraced the way he was when his mouth was needed during the campaign. But Chick...She's SMOKIN' pissed! AND, hate to say it...NUCH is turning himself into an island quicker than even ZD has ever been able to, himself.

Hope people don't turn on ZD for pushing Nuch so hard. Hey...the other guy was "Jack Weiss." REMEMBER THAT PEOPLE! But Nuch, maybe you need to put on a ski cap and sun glasses and walk around the city a little WITHOUT your advisers and get filled up with a little of that community spirit that keeps one feet on the ground.

ANONYMOUS QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Maybe if you changed your voice, I would listen to you." [A big, swell, THANKS A LOT to YOU, mi amigo! OUCH!]

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