Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why A Federal Airplane Is At LAX While Obama's Building & Trade Commissioner Investigates L.A. City Hall

Solis runs the unions, and Villaraigosa promised them all these jobs. She's been out here a few times already to check into all those jobs Villaraigosa promised Building and Trade (FEDERAL)

Jobs like train warehouses (CRA project) and it didn't come through, and a lot of jobs didn't go through, so someone from Obama's Building and Trade Commission hopped on a United States of America Marine Leer Jet (and a cargo Huey helicopter) and is investigating City Hall to see where all the money went for all that work. Washington doesn't need all these Democrats blowing things for Obama. There was supposed to be a big new factory for high speed trains and it didn't happen, even though CRA promised the money would be used to hire hundreds of people.

And ZD is told when union members don't get their job, stuff happens. MEASURE B WAS GUARANTEED TO WIN BY VILLARAIGOSA!

More later after Zuma Dogg takes a look at that big plane in the hangar for himself.

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