Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TRANSCRIPT of L.A. City Attorney on Michael Jackson Memorial Expenditures (And Talk Of Recuperating Expenditures)

Today, new City Attorney Carmen Trutanich pleasantly surprised a few folks, like Zuma Dogg, when he took to the Public Comment podium to discuss the Michael Jackson Memorial expenditure, even though he didn't refer to the event by name. The only thing I would like to mention, is that it is LAPD who decides how much needs to be expended for crowd control, THEN the request is given to council for approval. So COUNCIL does not make the decision as to how much manpower and resources will be needed for events like these: LAPD does and then council approves it. So keep that in mind when reading this because it will have to be part of the equation.

L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich: Good morning , Madame President and to the entire City Council, I thought I might want to come down here this morning to express a little bit of my concern regarding the expenditures of money that are taking place as we speak. My latest briefing is that there are 2500 people outside the Staples Center, that comes to about $10,000 a person that we are expending in regards to public funds.

I know you can't take this up today. I wanted you to know that I'll be back in three days, to talk to you perhaps in closed session regarding some of the expenditures and some of our plans on recuperating some of that money for the taxpayers of Los Angeles.

Rest assured...rest assured that our office is investigation, one; how this whole phenomenon occurred from the get-go, to where we are today. Also, the amount of money that is being expended and thoroughly looking at how we are going to recuperate that money for the citizens.

And lastly, closing any gaps for anything thing in the future so that we won't get caught in this lurch again and asking these same types of questions.

With that said, I wanted you to letknow I brought a motion that is before you now and we will be supplementing that will some new legislation also. So I look foward to seeing you in three days when we can take this thing up lawfully. -7/7/09 L.A. City Council, public comment

Click here for video of Trutanich's public comment, followed by Zuma Dogg:

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