Tuesday, July 21, 2009


AEG may think they are "SMOOTH" sticking the City of L.A. with the tab for their multi-million dollar commercial event which was billed as the Michael Jackson Memorial event, but they may also be "CRIMINALS" at the end of it all. Here is L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich who appeared today in L.A. City Council chambers to deliver and update on the attempt to recoup costs from the AEG LIVE Jackson event, and close loophole that would prevent the city from being stuck holding the bag of expenses should Billy the Elephant die, or some other MAJOR event that could cause such an outpouring of up to 1000 people!

YES, TRUTANICH USED THE WORDS "CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION." Some Councilmembers like Tony Cardenas have to much corruption stuck in their ears, so HE didn't hear those two words, so here is the video (courtesy of RonKayeLa.com) and the transcript courtesy of Zuma Dogg's fingers.

TRUTANICH TRANSCRIPT: "(We) are continuing to actively review the events leading up to the events held at the Staples Center and LA Live venues, downtown. my investigators have already interviewed numerous witnesses and gathered significant evidence. we are still collecting information and developing a time line of events and we are identifying the key players involved. To that extent, I invite others to also come forward and provide additional information and documents related to this matter. Our investigation has taken an unanticipated turn that raises both civil and criminal aspects. Ethical considerations and the need to protect the integrity of the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION*. We have, as of yesterday, responded to the attorney that represents the Staple's and LA Live venues and have requested a number of investigatory items. Also, when I return, I will recommend specific courses of action to better ensure that taxpayers funds are protected when similar events occur in the future, although that decision is yours. I will recommend things like large venue development agreements which must have provisions requiring full compensation to the city for all costs incurred as a consequence of these types of events. This must apply to new and amended agreements. I will also recommend that we revise the special event ordinance pending in committee to make crystal clear (future major events) require a permit and full payment of all city costs. Including police, traffic control and clean up; some of the assets that were expended during these events. In these difficult times for the city, I look forward to working with each of you to protect and recover taxpayer dollars in out limited city resources.

[*Tony Cardenas, you arrogant and publicly wrong dummy who needs to keep his mouth shut when Zuma Dogg is talking. Tony felt the compelling need to cut Zuma Dogg off in the middle of his public comment to say NUCH DID NOT SAY CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, EVEN THOUGH THE TAPE SHOWS HIM SAYING THE WORDS. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP CARDENAS! ZD SAYS IF ANYONE IS GOING DOWN IN CITY HALL OVER WALL STREET BULLSHIT, SAD TO SAY, IT AIN'T ANTONIO, AS MUCH AS CARDENAS...SO TONY, I REQUEST YOU KEEP YOUR DUMB MOUTH SHUT UNLESS YOU COME CORRECT, SON! You challenged Zuma Dogg on LIVE TV and you lost, BITCH! NOW KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT WHEN I'M TALKING! (Any complaints, wait until you hear the buzzer, that means I am done!)]

YA KNOW, I spoke with Carmen Trutanich early on when he first kicked off his campaign, and he said he was gonna crack down on stuff like this, but to see this type of stuff unfold is truly THRILLING (no Jackson reference intended), because DAMN...I don't think anyone thought Nuch would be delighting constituents to this extent, so quickly.

AND AS A SIDE NOTE: The TV 35 cameras I'm sure did not show Downtown Councilmember and acting mayor during all of this, Jan Perry get into a little discussion with Dennis Zine, that Dennis claimed was not a "tiff" as described by Zuma Dogg. ZUMA DOGG IS HERE TO SAY THERE WAS A TIFF BETWEEN JAN AND DENNIS WHEN JAN WAS TRYING TO GET DENNIS TO DROP IT! (The investigation, which is now called "criminal investigation.") I guess it's unusual for one CM (Zine) to stick his nose in another CM's district and push so hard for all of this. WAY TO GO DENNIS! FORGET JAN! She's cute and all that, but shady as hell and looks like the AEG people are about to lose their connections at city hall and break up with their girlfriend and get kicked to the curb!

NOW, this WASN'T JAN'S FAULT...but this could end up exposing the whole racket that has been running things...AEG & ANTONIO! Adios, Douchearagiosa. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. Your boy Jack Weiss is on his ass in total obscurity, and ZD's boy is INVESTIGATING YOUR REAL MISTRESS LOVER...AEG! HA...ha, ha, ha...ha HA!

AND, to make matters worse for the corrosive and corruptive forces at city hall and their puppet loser CD2 candidates...ZD just upped the forecast of the likelihood of getting the signatures from 20%-80% AGAINST...to 60%-40% GETTING THEM. Yes, the community is rallying, and although ZD is getting a late start on the signatures, he feels there is enough support to up the chances that I will get them, and it just became a lot more viable that I will get them. THANKS TO THE REAL AND TRUE GRASS ROOTS PEOPLE OUT THERE!

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