Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Is L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti Transferring $70,000 Into "CONTRACTUAL SERVICES" When City Is CUTTING Workers (Furloughs) & Pay?

ZD, I have just learned that the City Council is going to vote on a motion by Garcetti - Zine in order to "renew" a personal services contract between Kelli Bernard, who is a "staff member / consultant" for Eric Garcetti's office, and the Bureau of Street Services.
The motion requires to transfer up to $70,000 from the Council District Thirteen portion of the Street Furniture Revenue Fund No. 43D, Department 50, to Fund No. 100, Department 28 (Council), Account No. 3040 (Contractual Services). This pretty much means that the city is taking up to $70 thousand dollars out of a beautification fund that was established in order to benefit the community.
This sounds mighty "fishy", especially at a time where city workers are getting pay-cuts and have to deal with furloughs and I thought that this might be a great follow up story to the previously run story in the LA weekly regarding the $300,000 pay for city council.
Take a look at Item 56 of council agenda and read for yourself.
This is the link to the motion:
07-0011-S28 is another council file from the past, in which the same motion was introduced and voted on for the same employee: Kelli Bernard.
My question is: Why does the city get creative to "funnel" money from one department to another for a "consultant / staff member" to a city council member, but does not show the same creativity to pay the city employees that work in City Planning, Building and Safety, etc?
We also have now much shorter hours for the 3-1-1 system! - If you call that number they will let you know that some hours have been reduced! [ZUMA DOGG NOTICED TODAY SERVICE HAS BEEN WAAAAAAAAAY REDUCED. WAS ON HOLD FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG, THEN THEY TRANSFERRED TO WRONG NUMBER, SO I HAD THE CHANCE TO FIND OUT SERVICE WAS REDUCED A SECOND TIME!)

Zuma Gump says when it comes to Eric Garshady, "Shady is as shady does." [GARCETTI DESERVES A PRISON SENTENCE IF THERE WAS ANY JUSTICE!]

SPEAKING OF WHICH: Is there a White House Jet Airplane in the LAX hanger with someone from the Defense Dept (?) checking out the State and City Council? [ZD's hot rumor of the day.]

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