Friday, July 17, 2009

Zuma Dogg ALIVE in Van Nuys for City Council Meeting

Thank you to the donors who helped Zuma Dogg get out of the Valley heat and into an air conditioned wi-fi cafe, complete with a satellite studio complete with lights, mic and cameras to beam in my public comment testimony into downtown L.A. City Hall Council Chambers for the council meeting.

In other words, if you are going to be sitting inside, blogging with free wi-fi, it may as well be from the highly air conditioned Van Nuys council chambers, where I can blog while awaiting to give public comment.

Here comes approval of the minutes. I'll be speaking on items throughout the meeting, in addition to public comment.

Click here to see meeting LIVE!

ALERT: Richard Alarcon says he feels threatened by the guy in the white hood. Eric is saying he has to take it off if he wants to stay. Eric is asking if he complies. Alrcon says, "As a minority...It is not about being offended, it's about feeling threatened."

Rosendahl says Nuch says any masks may be considered a threat and terrorist act. I think the Gene Simmons mask would probably be o.k., but perhaps walking around city hall in a black knit face mask may be a problem. Eric is now saying he is focused on the "disruption of the meeting...NOT feeling threatened," to Mr. Alarcon. Eric is saying, "I am asking you to take it off." Hunt said, "NO" and now Hunt is being removed by police. NOW, Eric is saying Hunt is being disruptive by his commenting (shouting back) from the audience. He was removed. Huizar says, "Too much time being spent on this topic and says he shouldn't be able to speak unless no hood." Hunt was allowed to speak without his mask, but was cut off and interrupted by Eric in what ZD feels was a Brown Act (State Law) violation. ZD says Eric is WAY out of control in his interupting of speakers, including ZD and I've had enough of that street-dumb, punk-ass, sissy boy. CAN'T BLAME YOUR MOMMY ON THIS ONE ERIC! SEE YOU ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP, BITCH!

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