Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zuma Dogg Hints on TWITTER That Rom Emanuel May Be In Los Angeles in 3-4 Weeks To Talk L.A. "JOB STIMULUS MONEY!" (To See What Happened to It!)

We will see if Zuma Dogg's ZumaBUG placed in D.C., was transmitting properly when it sounded like someone said that U.S. President Barack Obama's Chief of Staff, Rom Emmanuel will be making an appearance in Los Angeles City to see what the fuck happened to the job stimulus money that didn't create any jobs, but jobs have been lost. Zuma Dogg has already blogged all about that, so instead of updating the backstory, scroll this blog and check it out.

# ACE SMITH, ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, TEAM VILLAR-WRECKING CREW: Keep your calendars clear in 3-4 weeks for "Stimulus Money" Talk! (See Rom E.)23 minutes ago from web

If you just gave Villar a bunch of JOB stimulus money, and he used it elsewhere/shady; would it surprise you if Emmanuel is here in 3 weeks?25 minutes ago from web

Hey Vaction-Villaraiogsa, soon as you get back, better start making L.A. look nice for Rom Emmanuel who probably wants to see you in person.28 minutes ago from web

ZD sure would have liked to have heard what Trutanich was saying just as his call accidentally got clipped on KABC radio today. Right, Nuch!33 minutes ago from web

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