Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Posts: L.A. City Council, Michael Jackson Memorial, City Attorney Trutanich and Zuma Dogg Sings "Man In The Mirror" on LIVE TV

  1. I admit, it's frustrating this past week feels like a whole new level of awareness on ZD; while so tired and hungry I want to cry right now.
  2. If you are just knowing me now, be it the past month, or even past year...YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ME 3 YEARS AGO, even 2. Used to be better.
  3. The past year of pushing hard at Council, running for mayor and all other energy spent, while homeless has FINALLY caught up with the Dogg!
  4. I didn't miss a council meeting in over a year; ran for mayor; hit tons of community meetings; blogged/pushed HARD past year while homeless.
  5. The diversity & sheer numbers of people who give shout-out ZD as he walks the streets of Downtown near City Hall.is shocking to me. Thanks!
  6. TRANSCRIPT:Trutanich on recouping Jackson Memorial Expenses: http://bit.ly/NYVuh
  7. Carmen Trutanich wasn't kidding when he said his job was to defend the city's treasury: http://bit.ly/NYVuh
  8. Going to City Hall PLUM Meeting about Medical Marijuana issue at 2pm:
  9. LA City Council did not decide to spend money on LAPD for the Jackson event at Staples. LAPD TELLS them what's needed then Council approves.
  10. Jackson Memorial Clarification: City Council does not decide how much LAPD resources to use. LAPD tells Council, and they approve budget.
  11. City Attorney Trutanich followed by ZD at Council: http://bit.ly/GdelT
  12. Zuma Dogg MORE Public Comment on CRA Money Scandal: http://bit.ly/moOfh
  13. Zuma Dogg Public Comment on CRA Pension Scandal: http://bit.ly/8PHe
  14. Zuma Dogg Public Comment on CRA Money Pt1: http://bit.ly/Rj1AX
  15. ZD Reacts to Trutanich COMMENTS at Council meeting: http://bit.ly/2V2jgX
  16. Zuma Dogg sings MJackson at LA City Council meeting: http://bit.ly/iyfGT
  17. I'm in Downtown Los Angeles for the City Council meeting at 10am, then will head over to Staples to mingle with Jackson tribute crowd.
  18. People abuse pharmaceutical drugs. Look at high school epidemic w/students. You don't shut down Rite Aid? Marijuana is not as strong as Rx.
  19. You don't complain that 7-11 needs to be shut down cause some people drink beer nearby. COPS BUST PEOPLE DRINKING. Should be same w/co-ops.
  20. There is a prescription drug EPIDEMIC throughout L.A. County High Schools. Shut down all Rite Aids because kids are getting parents drugs.
  21. People don't complain that there are too many coffee shops, as stations, sushi restaurants, shoe stores. Just "reefer madness" over co-ops.
  22. Can't wait til City shuts down too many marijunana co-ops: Then crowds will pile up at existing co-ops and it'll go back into streets; YOURS
  23. Can't wait until the city arbitrarily decides there are too many marijuana co-ops and shuts too many down: Then it will be sold in parks.
  24. I can't wait until the people who say we have too many marijuana collectives see what happens when they are shut down: Sales on your street!
  25. CM Parks says City can't tax marijuana cause it's FED narcotic.State Bd of Equalization says it's OK cause u don't have to say what's sold.
  26. To people complaining about too many Medi Marijuana co-ops:Would you prefer people sell out of their homes/drive traffic down your street?
  27. To the people showing up at Neighborhood Council meetings complaining about too many Medi Marijuana co-ops: Do you prefer selling in parks?
  28. Until you get over old "reefer madness" arguments & fake claims of crime around co-ops I CAN'T HAVE SERIOUS MEDI-MARIJ conversation w/you.
  29. To spinners saying, "WE ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH/TOO MANY Medi-Marijuana co-ops. HOW DO YOU KNOW? If they are open, there is demand, OBVIOUSLY!
  30. NOTE TO COUNCIL: If City closes TOO MANY Medical Marijuana Collectives, you will force people into the streets to buy from criminals. Oops!
  31. New post on City of Los Angeles Medical Marijuana situation: http://LADailyBlog.com
  32. Now's good time to say cause I'm well fed/comfortable, but think I'm suffering from nervous exhaustion and can't get off street to recoup..
  33. Not flippin out, cause I'm in Downtown office & just had great food, but think I'm nervous-breakdown exhausted but can't get rest to recoup.
  34. Who is THIS guy dancing at Nuch party? He looks pretty happy! http://bit.ly/Nf2tP /all/uploads-all/1/OLxhqacDiqs

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