Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Update for Wed 7/8/09

  1. It was nice to have a warm and fuzzy moment at council meeting today as ZD sang, "Man in Mirror," asking Council to change it's ways..Hoo!
  2. Guess Council doesn't listen to AM talk: Chambers was buzzing that ZD was used as soundbite on NPR today. CM & staffers told me they heard.
  3. NOTE TO TRUTANICH: Next time you show up for public comment, if you eat 5 brownies like ZD does FIRST,council is a lot easier to take.
  4. NOTE TO TRUTANICH: I know you are new to public comment at City Council meeting, but it helps if you scream, "Hooody hoo!" before you start!
  5. NOTE TO CARMEN TRUTANICH: When you show up at City Council meeting for pubic comment, it helps if you wear a black ski cap and dark glasses!
  6. Glad City Attorney Carmen Trutanich showed up to scold and warn council during public comment. Maybe ZD can take a break, now. Thanks NUCH!
  7. Looks like a bunch of childish kids who spend money without thinking about it (Council) just had daddy ground them: Hello, Carmen Trutanich!
  8. If today is any indication...Wow, does it look like City Attorney Trutanich is going to KICK ASS in the way "The People" want: SPENDING CUTS
  9. I think City Attorney Trutanich will finally accomplish what ZD has been trying to as gadfly: Get City Hall to cut irresponsible spending.
  10. Just when ZD thought he couldn't get any more legendary over his pension scandal alerts; wait until Obama's Job Stimulus sh*t hits fan.
  11. If you are saying, "Wow ZD, you sure did call the pension scandal & losses" wait until you hear about the STIMULUS scandal I've reported.
  12. More info from ZD source saying L.A. is screwing with Obama's Job Stimulus money. Using smokescreen projects=RACKEERING! Reporters call ZD!

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