Saturday, July 4, 2009

Zuma Dogg's 4th of July Morning Twitter Posts (ZD Wants To File MASSIVELY BIG Class Action Lawsuits Over Delgadillo's Subcontracts)

  1. ZUMA DOGG IS OUT OF TIME: If you are an attorney that can handle some pretty MASSIVELY GIGANTIC, CITY-CRIPPLING Class-actions, contact Zuma.
  3. City of L.A. FUCKED me at Venice, I lost my income & now my life. I'M GOING TO SUE THOSE FUCKERS UNTIL THEY'RE BANKRUPT OVER SOME BIG STUFF!
  4. If you are going to be in Venice Beach/Marina Del Rey area today (July 4th) you can holla at ya boy and meet me in my upscale blog location.
  5. You don't have to be an elected official to clean up City Hall corruption. ZD knows some BIG STUFF and could do it with 1 good attorney.
  6. IF ZD WANTS TO, IT WOULD BE EASIER TO TAKE DOWN THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES, IN GENERAL, Than any one politician. Just need 1 attorney to file.
  7. Check who got contract for the city's collections & welfare payments then see who took campaign money from them before contract was awarded.
  8. If I want to get rich, I should just file class-action lawsuits against city's contracts with towing company and outside collections agency.
  9. TRUTANICH/GREUEL: Now that Rocky is gone, YOU REALLY NEED TO LOOK INTO COLLECTION AGENCY (Deadbeat Dad/etc) City has subcontract with. BIG!
  10. If you want to know the BIGGEST FUCKING CLASS-ACTION RACKETEERING LAWSUIT, it's collection agency city uses/subcontracts. HIGHLY ILLEGAL!
  11. City Attorney Trutanich and Controller Greuel want to CLEAN UP Rocky's mess. HERE A HUGE RACKET: City's subcontract with collection agency.
  12. Now that TRUTANICH is new City Attorney to clean up after Rocky, NEED TO LOOK INTO CERTAIN TOWING CONTRACT WITH CITY. RACKETEERING!
  13. NEW CITY ATTORNEY TRUTANICH: Wants to keep the City compliant and Wendy will do audit. CHECK INTO CITY'S TOWING CONTRACT=RACKETEERING!
  14. Got a couple donations today that add up to $15. If you can afford to make a difference in my 4th of July, Paypal at
  15. I wonder why SOME Councilmembers have their own Twitter account names and others don't? They'll never be able to have a Twitter quorum. LOL!
  16. Neeeeeeeeeeeear, faaaar...Whereeeeeeeeever you are, I can see that the heart will go onnnnnnnn. - Celine Dion (Roll credits on Zuma Dogg)
  17. Neaaaaaaaaaar, faaaaaaaaaaaaar...Whereeeeeeeeeeeeever you are, I can see that the heart will go onnnnnnnnnnnnn. - Celine Dion
  18. Oh's only 9:30am on 4th of July Saturday (my favorite day of the year) and I'm already burnt toast stuck on street. (See "Titanic")
  19. It's 4th of July. I remember when this used to be my favorite day of the year. But when you are in pain on the street, they're all the same.
  20. Now that Villaraigosa isn't running for Governor/just lame duck mayor/waiting to be indicted he's OUT OF JUICE/former allies circling wagon.
  21. Villaraigosa reminds me of MC Hammer on the tour AFTER the "2 Legit To Quit" Tour, which was already one tour too many. WAS WAY OVER!
  22. Trust me...all the mayor's office wants to do is try and throw dirt at City Attorney Trutanich and hope something sticks, but they are weak.
  23. All these Villaraigosa spin-trolls are going to do is sit here and try to fling mud at Nuch and be totally divisive and don't trust Antonio.
  24. Make Zuma Dogg's 4th of July morning. Buy him breakfast with a five dollar donation at and see PayPal link.

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