Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zuma Dogg's Signature Gathering Picks Up Steam, and MORE...

ZD ON KEVIN JAMES - 870/KRLA: ZD on hold waiting to discuss Trutanich and his appearance at City Council today announcing AEG LIVE's Michael Jackson Memorial Event is a "CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION." Dennis Zine was just on with his side, so ZD will be weighing in with some of the stuff Denny may not have been able to say. (ZD PILES ON!) And to all the Kevin James listeners who heard Dennis, Kevin, ZD, John Thomas and others URGE you to vote for Trutanich...SO FAR...IT'S EVERYTHING WE COULD HAVE HOPED FOR...AND HE IS ABSOLUTLEY, 100% DELIVERING ON WHAT HE SAID DURING THE CAMPAGIN!

ZD's CD2 SIGNATURE GATHERING PICKS UP STEAM: Just when I thought it was O-V-E-R, and ZD would not be able to get the signatures, some community members have rallied enough for ZD to say, "HOPE IS ALIVE!" So it looks like there is a chance ZD may squeek by. I'll give you updates to let you know it's going.

THANKS TO DWP FOR GETTING ON THOSE NEW TRANSFORMERS!: You've heard ZD comment that he has been contacted over the years by DWP whistleblowers, working INSIDE DWP, who have warned Zuma Dogg that the DWP transformers, installed 30 or more years ago are SHOT and cannot accomodate all the added stress and strain of all the added density projects. As someone who knows CD2 bore the brunt of brownouts, last year...when I saw a DWP worker in the distrtict yesterday I said, "Hey, I can't believe we haven't had any brownouts yet in this heatwave." He scratched his head and agreed. Then he pointed above and said, "They have been working like crazy to replace the transformers, especially in this area (CD2) after last year." Adding, "Before the economy tanked we were getting overtime replacing them." SO I WANTED TO GIVE YOU THAT POSITIVE UPDATE, even though it's still a problem, cause a lot of new condo projects will be adding to the stress once filled.

DENNIS ZINE SLAMS MAYOR ON RADIO: Just heard Dennis Zine on Kevin James' KRLA radio show criticize the mayor for double-talking when it comes to Antonio's criticism of the State raiding the city's fund, while going soft on AEG Live.

HEY WENDY GREUEL: Quit running for mayor already, and quit throwing NUCH under the bus with your evil, bullshit spin. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER WENDY! YOU KNOW WHY NUCH DIDN'T DROP THE LAWSUIT. ARE YOU DUMB, OR JUST RUNNING A NEGATIVE PR CAMPAIGN ON THE NEW CITY ATTORNEY. If you keep this up Wendy, you will be so HATED, you will be the candidate ZD will be stomping all over during the mayoral election. EVEN SUNLAND-TUJUNGA PEOPLE WILL TURN ON YOU IF YOU DON'T BECOME LESS TRANSPARENT IN YOUR POLITICAL AGENDIZED CONTROLLING. We are YOUR watchdog, and the media will turn on you like Linda Blair's head in "The Exocrsist." (Which is what you need!)

Had more to day, like what a bunch of dumb, arrogant DUMB losers these clowncil members are. Tony Cardenas thought he could step to ZD on camera and humiliated himself on LIVE TV by interrupting ZD to clarify a point, only for HIM to be wrong (LOL!) See thread below this post for more on that. AND, "ZUMA DOGG WANTS WHAT JANICE HAHN IS ON!" She must have been more "whacked" out of her mind today on SOMETHING...because she was in "La-la land!" CM Dennis Zine was asking if she wanted to call her item special. I even think I heard Dennis call her by name to get her attention on the item. No response from Janice, so he moved on and they voted on the item. THEN, a few minutes later, Hahn woke up out of her Dazed and Confusion and asked for the item to be reconsidered. She must have been having "Happy Thoughts" or maybe was just so shaken up over NUCH using the words, "Investigation" and "Criminal." WAY TO PAY ATTENTION JANICE AND TONY DUMBANASS! (Were you guys out all night running spot check on medical marijuana "edible policy" at the collectives in your area? WAKE UP JANICE AND TONY...if you want to pay me to pay attention for you, I will.)

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