Friday, August 7, 2009

The Agendized Nutty Censorship of the Mayor Sam Blog Crew: Kinda Lose All Credibility When You Ban Mention of Candidate During Election Coverage

The Agendized Nutty Censorship of Mayor Sam Bloggers (Ban Mention of Canidates Name During An Election: NICE COVERAGE. Is There any Credibility Left?)
In case you haven't heard, Neighborhood Council Boardmember Michael Higby and his Mayor Sam blog crew (Joe B, Red Spot and Petrified, ALL OF NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL & COMMUNITY FAME) have banned any an all mention of the words "Zuma Dogg" just as we head into a City Council election in which Zuma Dogg is one of the candidates.

Here are a few things that I find hilarious in an O.J. Simpson, "I'm innocent" kinda way:

Someone who has been doing a lot of the comment moderation up until now has been Petrified in the City. I have heard many times how although the blog will delete (not approve) some of the real nutty, completey crazy comments...they really try so hard not to censor people's free speech. (Even though it's not a public meeting and are not required to operate under Free Speech laws, they have always claimed to have integrity.)

EXCEPT NOW, just one little thing...WHEN YOU ARE READING CITY COUNCIL ELECTION COVERAGE ON MAYOR SAM...EVERYTHING IS FAIR AND BALANCED, EXCEPT THE READERS JUST CAN'T MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT ONE OF THE CANIDATES.(LOL!) It's like O.J.standing around with bloody gloves showing up to the dance rectial as if everything's fine...oh except that ONE little detail of the bloody gloves.BUT BESIDES THAT, I'm ready for the dance rectial and I'm ready to read Mayor Sam election coverage.

SO PETRIFIED is blogging that "Mary Benson CLEARLY won the debate." And Walter Moore Endorses Mary Benson." GREAT. Except the readers do not have the luxury of knowing Petrified is Mary's long-time, close, personal friend. AND THAT'S GREAT!!! Petrified should say, "I've know Mary Benson for over ten years and I am endorsing her." But Petrified is giving the illiusion that a Mayor Sam reporter is making this accessment...without knowing it's the candidate's close friend and supporter.

If I watched Ebert and Roper, I think I would like to know if the film was written and directed by Roper's best friend! AND, ON TOP OF IT...IF ANY OF THE MAYOR SAM READERS MAKE A COMMENT ABOUT ZUMA DOGG...IT ISN'T APPROVED! (Nice coverage Michael.)

So then, Petrified posts that Walter Moore Endorses Mary Benson. First of all, you should have heard the things Petrified has said to me about Walter Moore. I can't imagine why she would even care or post it based on her feelings about Walter. But then, in the post announcing that Walter endorses Mary, you don't find out in the story that Walter Moore is a close friend of Mary's for many years, too. He knows her from being Mary Benson's business attorney. So when you read the post by the anonymous blogger who is friends with Mary, you do not know that she is her friend, or that Walter's endorsement is of his client. HEY HIGBY, GREAT COVERAGE!
I guess it's breaking news that Laverne endorses Shirley, or Fred endorses Barney. Or that Gloria Allred is endorsing one of her clients.

Petrified, and of course Red Spot hide behind the veil of anonymity at meetings and functions you attend. So they has the luxury of being able to speak with you at a community meeting or event, and you tell her things face to face and it can be used against you on the blog, because they doesn't ever let you know about their double-life as Mayor Sam bloggers. And you would never know then, would you?

And when I read a recent comment by Phil Jennerjahn another writer for Mayor Sam, I noticed he mentioned a lot of candidates but didn't mention my name, as he usually does. AND, he said some positive things about the other candidates. DID PHIL FLIP ON ZD? I called Phil and he told me, "Well gee ZD, Joe B told me if I mention your name the comment will be deleted.

NICE JOE. WAY TO RUN THINGS. Of course Phil should have told Joe B to stick it and not write for the blog. But I guess Phil is so desperate to see his comments on the blog, that he will totally compromise and bow down to Joe B on this. IS IT MAYOR SAM'S BLOG, OR JOE B'S BLOG?

I mean the Mayor Sam blog is worse than City Council. LOOK AT IT ALL!

Anyway, for the record to the people asking me why their comments are not being seen on Mayor Sam's blog, it is because now that there is an election, the Mayor Sam bloggers who live in the Sunland-Tujunga area had to throw Zuma Dogg under the bus and ban the mere mention of his name while interstingly, their friend Mary from the area is also on the ballot.

And Joe B tells me he has arranged for Mary Benson endorser and Walter Moore to have an up-close seat int the front row! So it will appear to people that he has some kind of clout or relationship with the forum organizers. And why give special treatment to one member of the public over the other? These people are worse than Council. Maybe Joe B can let Wendy Greuel have a front row seat because she is endorsing Chris Essel.

Anyway, maybe there is a reason why Mayor Sam used to be #4 and Zuma Dogg used to be out of the Top 10, but now it's the other way around. Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog is #4 IN THE 12 WEEK AVERAGE, while Mayor Sam's blog has dropped out of the Top 10 ranking. So I guess what they do in their little comment section ain't that big a deal anyway, but it still bothers me, cause they talk about transparency and integrity, and I'm not seeing any. THANKS FOR READING! 

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