Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Are Wetherly Captial Indictments Imminent...AND, the REAL Reason LA Fire Chief Is Set To Resign

[Pictured: Zuma Dogg hearing of the following news from his studio campaign headquarters.]

Zuma Dogg has been told to ask the question, "Is Dan Weinstein and the Wetherly Captial Posse (including the "Untouchable" Elliot Broidy) about to be indicted...SOON! Don't worry about how I heard this. ZD hears things out of New York, too!

Fire Chief Douglas Barry's departure imminent (85%)08/11/2009 - While attention has focused recently on the unexpected resignation of Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton, another high-profile post is about to be vacated with the Aug. 31 retirement of Fire Chief Douglas Barry.

So what is the REAL reason the Fire Chief's departure is "imminet"? Zuma Dogg has heard that a few weeks ago there were some power outages (brownouts) on the Westside of Los Angeles. The Fire Chief then started to inspect the DWP transformers that are outdated and never meant to accomodate all of this "Smart Growth" denstity. As you know, the mayor is a softie when it comes to DWP, so he asked the Chief if he was going to stop inspecting the transformers. When the Chief said the inspections would carry on...THE MAYOR ALLEGEDLY (ACCORDING TO MY SOURCES) channeled Donald Trump and screamed, "You're FIRED!"

ZUMA DOGG enjoying life in his studio pad overlooking Ventura Blvd. No wi-fi in the hills, so blogging is down, but I am doing other things anyway. Be back with more on Thursday. And hope to see you at City Hall on Thursday evening.

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