Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog Readers Weigh-in on "Zuma Dogg" (David Saltsburg) For L.A. City Council

Here are some recent comments posted by readers of Mayor Sam's Blog:

* Thank you Zuma, for reminding me of why I support you. I adore Mary and Kristen both. I really do. I despise two of the "big" three. Paul is okay. I want there to be a shakeup though and only you can do it. As much as I like Mary, I believe you'll be able to get more done than her. I really do. I think you'll learn in no time whatsoever to get along within council chambers and I would love to see CD 2 shaken up. Big time. It needs it. Wendy didn't help much there.

* David Saltsburg (Zuma Dogg) gave the most passionate answers at the Valley Village forum last night. I saw people applauding him that I hadn't expected. He earned some new supporters and more votes last night.

* Mr. David Saltsburg for CD 2. A true reformer!

* Is it possible that the UNDERDOGG or should I say ZUMA DOGG will be City Hall Bound?? You know people are tired of tax waste/dwp overcharges as one person I can't change shit but standing by someone who is like minded we create a group, so all ZUMA lovers out there get off your ass and help the DOGG. Oh, ya think we are crazy, yeah buddy as a MAD hatter tired of the City Council Abuse of POWER, ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTLY....EchoParkLady

* Saltsburg aka Zuma Dogg kicked butt last night and demonstrated just why we need an outsider in this CD post and not these career politicians who only care about themselves and their next job. Can you imagine the history that will be made when we elect a so-called "homeless" guy into City Council? It will restore the public's faith in democracy and elected politics and show that a man of the people can get sent to City Hall where he can shake up the status quo. After last night, our whole family will be voting for David Saltsburg. We'll be doing the State a favor by leaving Kerkorian and Tamar Galatzan in their current posts so the public doesn't have to spend money replacing them beofre their terms are over.

* Zuma Dogg is a very smart man and knows the issues. There is nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in. He knows the issues better than anyone else. He knows the councilmembers and has been down at city hall more than anyone on this planet. It should be applauded that he speaks his mind and stands up for what is right. He has fought city hall and they have listened. It is hard to find a candidate that has his kind of background. He is a great candidate and I hope he wins. Zuma Dogg will shake up city hall. Vote for him.

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