Monday, August 31, 2009

Donate To Zuma Dogg TONIGHT...City Council is BACK TOMORROW!

Today (Tuesday 9.01/09) is the return of L.A. City Council after a two week summer break, which means Zuma Dogg got a two week summer break, too. And these two weeks are the toughest and tightest weeks of the year for me, because without being out and about around city hall and without being seen on TV...DONATIONS COME TO A HALT!

And it's been tighter than ever, but I have made the commitment to not put out the EMERGENCY PayPal alerts on the blog, which means DONATIONS COME TO A HALT.

So I haven't been asking for donations, even though I have been running around doing some things as a city council candidate, like attending forums which requires additional spending to make sure I am able to show up and have a hair cuts and all that.

BUT...CITY COUNCIL IS BACK ON TUESDAY, I have an LA Times interview right after...AND THEN, a candidate forum in the evening after that.


So at this point...I won't be attending the first council meeting back with a lot of stuff to hit them up on and to talk about my candidacy...WILL MISS THE LA TIMES INTERVIEW...and can't be showing up to no forum under these circumstance (won't be fresh enough to be able to show up) and will have a hard time even getting there.

CANDIDATES RUNNING IN ELECTIONS HAVE NO PROBLEM ASKING YOU FOR $500 or $1000 or however much they are allowed to accept.ALL I NEED IS $10 or $20 bucks so I can squeeze out an important day tomorrow.

So if you can help me make it "Back to School" on the first day back, hit the link.

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