Monday, August 10, 2009

Film Director To Make Documentary Film About Zuma Dogg

A few weeks ago a camera crew followed Zuma Dogg around City Hall for a "scissor reel" (demo) to show to some people. I got a call yesterday from the guy who contacted me for the shoot and told me he had already shown the footage to some people and there was a director who wanted to start shooting, including the "Zuma Dogg For City Council" part. So we may start shooting as early as Tuesday if the camera man is available. I thought it was going to be a reality show, but the story of Zuma Dogg is much to big for a mere small screen reality show, so the director wants to do a movie documentary, which is much better. I like that he calls the Zuma Dogg story a rags to riches, Robin Hood style story, but I had to remind him that there were no riches yet. What I like about this guy, is that he says he wants to film me for hours and hours just telling my whole story in front of the camera for the headshot segments and then we can cut in YouTube moments. Ha Ha, John Wooden had to wait until he was 100 years old before he got to do that! The director says he has distribution, which is good. Anyway, it's almost a year too late for me, but a lot of people have always felt there is a movie in the story of Zuma Dogg, and the whole waking up on the street and still speaking out at City Council routine. So think about may hate me today, now that you know me so well, but think about it...there's a good story line and a lot of comedy and clips that this thing could be like a poorman's Forrest Gump, as Zuma Dogg sits in front of the camera and reflects back on the past nine years of the ying and the yang, y'all. It's a long way to showtime, but (Bill Murray "Caddyshack Carl" Voice): It's a Shinderella story...

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