Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HE'S BRINGIN' EM HOME!: Bill Clinton Flying To L.A. on Wednesday Morning To Drop Off Freed U.S Journalists

Former U.S President William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton is (sung) leaving...on a jet plane -- and is bringing home the two U.S. journalists just freed from North Korea with him!

The two journalists live in Los Angeles, so Bill is flyin' em home personally on his plane (dropping them off in L.A.) on his way home, back East. They'll be here on Wednesday morning. So press and photographers...head down to LAX cause it's gonna be a nightmare!

Bill, while in L.A. during your pitstop, turn on TV 35 and catch some of ZD's public comment during the City Council meeting. You'll have a laugh at what a bunch of jackass clowns are driving the city into bankruptcy. As Ron Burkle how bad things are, Bill.

NOTE: Not that it matters on a story like this, but at the time I heard this news, it still had not been posted on the internet, so I said, "Zuma Dogg has learned/EXLUSIVE." Later that hour, it broke everywhere...but at the time I posted it, it hadn't been posted elsewhere...EXCUSE ME TO THE LOSER WHO COMPLAINED!

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