Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is City Controller Wendy Greuel Using Her Poltical Influence To Sway a City Council Election (The PEOPLE are supposed to pick successor, NOT WENDY!)

From NBC 4 News website

City Controller Wendy Greuel is poised to endorse former Paramount Pictures executive Christine Essel as her replacement on the  City Council.

At a news conference Thursday morning, Greuel was expected to announce she  will support Essel in the Sept. 22 special election to fill the 2nd District  seat on the 15-member City Council. The seat has been vacant since July 1, when Greuel was sworn in as city  controller.

ZD: Here is a letter prepared by CD2/Sunland-Tujunga community leader Lydia Grant that made me realize it's pretty inappropriate for City Controller Wendy "Greuesom" Greuel to use her elected city position to endorse another City Council candidate to replace her. People were outraged when Bratton pulled this move by endorsing Jack Weiss, and just cause Wendy comes off so sweet and soft-spoken with her adorable haircut hypnotizes you into forgetting how outrageous this concept is. AND IT'S EVEN WORSE THAT OTHER POLITICAL ENDORSEMENTS LIKE BRATTON'S...BECAUSE AT LEAST IT ISN'T ENDORSING YOUR REPLACEMENT!!! Wendy has a history of this type of unethical behavior. She used her title as "City Councilmember" Wendy Greuel on a fundraiser invitation for New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. NONE OF THIS WENDY ENDORSING CHRIS STUFF SHOULD SURPRISE YOU, since they roll in that same political fundraising crowd. (Richard Ziman of Wetherly Capital notoriety was pusing Chirstine Essel at one of his fundraisers during the Jack Weiss election phase.

ANYWAY, hammering Chris Essel is like beating a pinata once all the candy has fallen out already. (She's already been exposed as the most "easy" of all the "political bend-over backwards and go along for the ride"sell-out, do anything for the money poltical machine candidates of all time. I am going to make a re-make of "Wizard of Oz" and make a NEW character to go along with the Cowardly Lion..."The Smiling Sell-out Queen of Doheny." She looks good abd seems hunky-dorky, but was born without a soul and therefore has no moral compass in regards to community. (They already HAVE a character without a brain, so couldn't use that one.) ANYWAY, here's the letter that made me bitter and cranky about this in the first place:

Dear Wendy,

       I hope all is going well with your new job. We will certainly miss the energy that you put into our community.
It has come to my attention that you will be endorsing Chris Essel, for the CD2 seat. I want to let you know that I am extremely disappointing in that decision.

The process allows us to chose someone that we think will do the best job. It seems to me that your endorsement is an attempt at trying to choose your own replacement. Chris Essel is everything our community doesn't need.

Billboards and Development, the issues she supports, are the opposite of what we need and she knows nothing about us.  I personally don't feel your endorsement will help her --  as we are educated in the ways of Los Angeles Politics.

In the future you may be interested in running for Mayor. I would like to be able to support you in that, however I am not happy with what seems to be happening "behind the scenes".

Let's not forget Home Depot, Vision 2020, Talk of Road Houses and Revitalization, SB1818. Our schools have been in trouble for 10 years, hurting our property values further.

Is this part of a City Master Plan? Put in Chris so  (the City) can finally develop the area the way they want?

You have said that you love the Sunland-Tujunga's Community, please show us by not endorsing Chris Essel.
Lydia Grant

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