Friday, August 21, 2009

LA Daily Blog UPDATE For Friday August 21st: Vote Zuma Dogg For City Council (CD 2) on Sept 22nd

ZUMA DOGG FOR CITY COUNCIL...CITY MUST BE BUSINESS FRIEND, NOT FOE!: Something that I have heard from local business owners in the Valley that is a good time to bring up now during the campaign because it's something I am VERY sensitive to and will make a BIG stink about. For example, if you want to open up a restaurant or coffee shop or something mom and pop related, Building and Safety is there to REJECT your plans on the first pitch. They do this on purpose because they say it makes sure people are serious when they come back for the second pitch on their project. SO YOU ARE ALREADY CREATING THE FIRST NON-BUSINESS FRIENDLY HURDLE. Secondly, they keep on throwing more and more permits and paperwork at you everytime you get close to the finish line. They make it hard for you to make use code changes for things like changing from retail to restaurant. IT TAKES LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS YEARS TO GET SOMETHING OPEN. Meanwhile, with more and more business shouldn't make it so hard for the people who are trying to stimulate the economy with NEW businesses. It's called INNOVATION...and the City of L.A. under Villaraiogsa and his City Council insider puppets is a big giant chamber of anti-business kryptonite. ANYTHING TO KEEP THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL'S CORPORATE MACHINE FROM LOSING BUSINESS. IT'S ALMOST LIKE THEY DO NOT WANT PEOPLE FROM THE COMMUNITY TO OPERATE A BUSINESS IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY. ZUMA DOGG WILL STAND UP TO THIS AND GO THROUGH THE PROCESS FROM APPLICATION TO APPROVAL (LIKE A FLOW CHART) AND DEMAND THAT THE PROCESS BE STREAMLINED (JUST AS IN THE NEW HOLLYWOOD "ONE STOP PERMIT" DEPARTMENT) -- AND...ZUMA DOGG WILL STICK UP FOR THE LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS BECAUSE THAT IS THE ROOT OF A REAL COMMUNITY. NOT A BUNCH OF CORPORATE STAPLES AND HOME DEPOTS.


LA COUNTY TO HIRE 45 NEW SEIU TAX ACCESSORS: I know, you think the County is not supposed to be hiring people in these times, but if you are SEIU and it's tax assessment, then hire away! Gotta have all those accessors on hand to re-assess the property values at the new lower value.

CITY COUNCILMEMBER TOM LABONG WOULD NOT CROSS THE MAYOR, SO TAMAR IS STILL IN THE MAYOR'S GETAWAY CAR: Councilmember Tom LaBong endorsed LAUSD School Board Member Tamar "Goes Along" Galatzan, this week. To anyone who thinks Councilmember LaBong would go out there and endorse anyone that Mayor Villaraiogsa doesn't personally want to see in the seat, you are naive and dumb. When Trutanich was running agaisnt Jack Weiss for City Attorney, LaBong wanted to endorse Trutanich in the election but was heard telling other City Councilmembers that he (LaBong) was too afraid of the mayor who was putting pressure on him to go with Jackass Weiss. AND, the mayor also made it clear to Tom NOT to endorse Trutanich. But Tamar "Goes Along" Galatzan...ENDORSE AWAY THE BONG! SHE'S ON THE APPROVED LIST OF VILLARAIGOSA "GOES ALONG" INSIDERS!


"Two years ago, the LAUSD School Board voted in favor of a policy striving for a 100% graduation rate by 2015. At the time some people suggested this was an impossible goal. I wonder what they are saying today?" - Tamar Galatzan "Galatzan Gazzette" (August 20, 2009)

TAMAR, I think today, more than even two years ago, people are still suggesting that this is an impossible goal, sweetie. ARE YOU SUGGESTING LAUSD IS ON THE RIGHT TRACK TOWARD THE GOAL OF 100% IMPROVEMENT??? I think the goal should be, "Preventing further erosion of student achievement." WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID? DO YOU REALLY FEEL LAUSD IS ON THE UPWARD SWING BETWEEN NOW AND 2015?

Is it nice to make an empty exhortation "striving" for 100% graduation rate? So I guess one can always be "striving" so I guess you are still on target to "STRIVE" for 100% of any goal. And yes, it DOES make one feel warm and fuzzy inside thinking of a world where a bunch of bueracratic, selfish, stooges like the LAUSD school board members are STRIVING toward the goal of 100% graduation rate. I'm STRIVING to be billionaire living in the Penthouse of the Grand Ave Project Condos by 12 midnight on Monday!

However, if you are suggesting that this goal of 2015 is anything more than one of those inspirational "LEADERSHIP" posters that people hang up on their office wall when they start their first job...THEN YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE COMPLETELY OFF IN "GALTZAN IN WONDERLAND".

You know what...maybe Tamar is PERFECT for L.A. City Council. She sounds just like an L.A. City Councilmember with dumb quotes like that. YES TAMAR...PEOPLE WILL STILL SUGGEST 100% GRADUATION RATE IS AN IMPOSSIBLE GOAL TWO YEARS LATER (TODAY)! It's obvious they don't teach methods for management of quality and productivity wherever it was that Tamar learned whatever it is that makes her so great. (ALL SHE DID WAS TAKE VILLARAIOGSA'S CAMPAIGN MONEY TO BUY THE LAUSD SCHOOL BOARD SEAT!!! SHE SAID, "YES, I'll do it, Antonio." WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT THAT, PEOPLE?)

I can hear Tamar Galatzan now, "We need to spend this money toward the goal of 100% perfection that will never be achieved, but if we don't spend this money now, then we could be hurting kids. And I would rather spend this money now toward something that will make us feel better about things, even if it will never be achieved, than to not spend the money at all. And just look people, it's two years later and just think...people said 100% perfection wasn't within reach!

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