Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mark Your Calendar for Thursday September 17th for Zuma Dogg's LIVE Event, Extroidinare

Alright, y'all...Zuma Dogg is so blessed by people from the community who allow me access to things I wouldn't normally have access to. In this case, check out this top-level, binged-to-the-hilt, performance studio space in Sherman Oaks that will be the stage for Zuma Dogg's LIVE EVENT PARTY for his CD2 Council candidacy (Zuma Dogg is on the ballot in the CD2 City Council election to be held on Sept. 22nd.)

So this will be a fun party in a most AMAZING setting. Imagine Zuma Dogg singing, "Man in the Mirror" and "Billie Jean" from the top of the stage, then running down the steps like Michael in the Pepsi commercial.

ALSO: As you may know, ZD is trying to help organize the community and raise awareness over the new "Parent Revolution" (LA Parent Union) concept that will allow communities and parents to literally take control AWAY from LAUSD and INTO the hands of parents of the community. PEOPLE FROM THE LA PARENT UNION WILL BE ON-HAND TO TALK WITH INTERESTED PARENTS AND CONCERNED COMMUNITY MEMBERS AND WE WILL HAVE ALL THE NECESSARY MATERIALS YOU NEED TO HELP GET THIS EFFORT GOING IN YOUR COMMUNITY!

So first of all, if you are interested in the LAUSD Parent Revolution, definitely stop by with other members of your community. We will be doing the LAUSD part FIRST, around 7pm. THEN, it will be music, karaoke, ZD LIVE (didn't ask Matt Dowd to play, yet, but when he sees this stage, I'm sure he'll be "IN". Bring your video cameras and use it for your set to shoot some video.

MORE DETAILS TO COME...BUT HERE'S THE PLACE. (Location to be disclosed when tickets go on sale.) AND, this is being promoted by an outside promoter, other than ZD, so there should be flyers and posters throughout CD2, for the general public to see. And of course ZD will be promoting it for all the activists who read this blog. Gonna be better than the Vanity Fair party, y'all.

Thursday September 17th: If you want tickets, email ZumaDogg@Gmail.com and tell me how many tickets you want and I will email you an order form.

$20 for OPEN BAR and fine appetizers at this classy venue.

If you want to help ZD with the event, buy extra tickets and give them to other people. Need to guarantee a crowd for the owner of the venue. It holds 200 people at one time. If you havea a group that needs a place like this, that goes along with a ZD event, buy the tickets for $20 each and make it part of this. (And I hope there are no complaints with $20 for OPEN BAR and classy appitizers at this AMAZING place! I'm still wondering how the owner can do it?)


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