Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Website:

Dear Zuma,

By far the most interesting part of council meetings is when you take the stage, and unlike most outspoken people you make 100% sense, it is shocking to hear the truth smackdowns you give the city council. They can't get one past you.

Please take a look at our website we are just LA city workers tired of getting screwed for special interests. Some of us are furloughed, others have given up there pay raises, and some have been laid off. This while the City Council gives millions away nearly every council meeting.

Early Retirement is written so poorly it put's the city's financial well being at risk, it is a joke and we as city workers are going to pay the price big time. please take a look at the site, if you need a topic for council please consider our website and this issue! Thanks Zuma Dogg, and good luck on CD2, You can do it. Please let me know when you have an office or something set-up so people can pick up signs and things.

In Solidarity


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