Monday, August 10, 2009

Was Department of Justice SWARMING All Over Labor Union 300 Today Asking A LOT of Questions?

Remember, this is a blog and is here to vet information, as well. I preface this because I heard something called into me from the street, and I have no way of further checking into this. So maybe if I post the information here, one of the newspapers can do some further investigation and verify. So here's the word:

I got a call from someone who was leaving the Labor Union 300 building today and they told me the place was JUMPING with people from the U.S. Department of Justice. Union 300 does stuff like ditch digging and a lot of the hard grunt labor.

Several of those tall, sharp-dressed agents (around 10 or 20 perhaps by this witnesses' account) we stopping people as they entered the building and were going around the different offices asking questions like, "What are you here for", "Who are you here to see" and a bunch of follow up questions. People's names were taken down. When someone had a wad of cash on them, the agent said, "Are you here to pay off a politician for work?" (Kinda kidding and sarcastic, but then again, NOT!) So maybe that's what all of this is about.

So if anyone can tell me if they heard anything like this, please let me know. If so, ZD has some staff of street soldiers out there calling it in from the front lines!

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