Monday, August 10, 2009

Zuma Dogg's LA Daily Blog MONDAY UPDATE:

Had a great time in Sunland-Tujunga on Saturday for the City Council Candidate Forum for the CD2 Valley area. I was one of the ten candidates in attendance, including an ASSemblymember, LAUSD Boardmember and Big Fancy Paramount Movie Executive who is friends with the mayor. So it was exciting to be amongst the candidates, including the other grassroots candidates with a nice big crowd of about 150 people.

David Saltsburg, also known as "Zuma Dogg" got some big cheers. The blogs can report it the way they want because every blogger has their own agenda (and I know it's me saying it) but please watch the videos in the link below and see who YOU would vote for. Overall, it could have gone either way for Mr. Saltsburg at the event on Saturday, and he was swamped by insiders (including those from other campaigns) to let him know that he really delivered and heard a big buzz in the room over him. Point is, could have gone either way for "Zuma Dogg" but he showed up clean shaven in a suit and "hit the right tone" according to one of the other candidate's supporters. So if it were a round of Survivor, I think ZD made it to the next round. In other words, if it were American Idol, he made it to the next round.

Here are recent stories from LA Daily Blog. And I can see from BNN "most clicked" post rankings, a lot of people are reading today, which is why I posted this nice convienent thread with links to everything to keep it simple. (Mondays seem to be a big traffic day on the blog because people are checking in on Monday morning at work, or whatever. Alright, a lot of stuff in here. Scan it profusely. And remember, you have the option to put Zuma Dogg in the CD2 City Council chair on September 22nd. TELL EVERYONE!
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