Sunday, September 13, 2009

And now, this commercial break....'s Sunday morning and after a long week of long council meetings and making it to two radio appearances...I am SO BROKE, right now. I'm hungry as HELL, right now...and fade real fast under these circumstances. Can someone send $5 or $10 via the PayPal link? Imagine if two people do that. I'd REALLY be set. We got about a week left in this City Council campaign and I got to hit a couple more forums and make it through. GONNA NEED SOME HELP TO MAKE IT TO THE FINISH LINE. But breakfast right now would be good enough.

MEANWHILE, my blog (LA Daily Blog) ranked #4 in this week on the STATEWIDE ranker. My blog is Top 5 in the 12 week rolling average. So looks like my blog will be around longer than the hard copy edition of "The Lost Angeles Times," or "Daily Snooze."

(What a bunch of out of touch, arrogant, "Emperor's New Clothes" jackasses who write for and sit on these editorial boards. LA Times and Daily News Flier are on the decline, while Zuma's blog has never been ranking higher...Hmmm?)

Anyway, screw The Times and Daily News (now, reduced to a mere flier). Chris Essel's campaign mailers are thicker than Daily News, these days. (LOL!) Hey Carolina Garcia...better start looking for work. They can't afford to keep a high-priced "leader" such as yourself on staff to run a web site, and you hard copy is losing money faster than Villar's pension commissioners.

Have fun figuring out what you can do to save yourselves. There COULD be faith, but not with the current crop of losers who sit in these ivory tower newspaper offices. OH MAN, they are so out of touch, I wish the DWP transformer wiring was as insulated.

But for now...enough of the comedy and tragedy of beating a dead pinata about confused losers at Daily News and L.A. Times who are not even really able to keep up with me on what I am saying during these interviews.

L.A. Times...well, we expect as much as they are the newspaper people LOVE to HATE, like a Jerry Springer episode. But that Carolina Garcia really seemed to be asking me all the not-what-really-matters-as-Councilmember, non-essential questions. I mean, the things that were important to her in what she was asking and what Mariel was asking, was really disappointing. I think the stuff the college students were asking me when I ran for mayor were much more thoughtful and meaningful. Oh well, Daily News is CLEARLY on it's last legs in publication form.

Anyway, in case you are wondering what triggered my losepaper rant this morning...I AM SURROUNDED BY SHEEP FILLING THEIR HEADS WITH THE MIND-NUMBING NEBULOUSNESS THAT PEOPLE LOVE TO IMMERSE THEMSELVES WITH ON SUNDAYS...newspapers...FOR SOME REASON. (Luckily, it's the same newspaper being circulated around the entire coffee not many issues being sold)...but I am forced to look at this blighted trash and I WILL let readers know (AND I DO WITH A LIVE, FACE-TO-FACE ZUMA DOGG PUBLIC COMMENT) that these newspapers do not print the important things happening in the city, because they are there to protect City Hall and the machine system. They just keep you busy with a bunch of everything and anything to avoid the real heart of the matter in this city.

LOSERS! You're getting schooled by a homeless, carpetbagging CLOWN! (Not to my credit though, these arrogant "Emperors" in their new clothes just make it too easy, and that's why I am looking so good to people in the public and why my blog continues to rank in the Top 5, Statewide, losers. LMFAO...Thank you dummies! ("Spineless, sell-out, cowards is more like though, because I think they know what they are doing. EVEN WORSE, cowards.)

But this post is about turning into lunch. (Please don't make it be dinner.) The newspaper rant was just a byproduct of circumstances.

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