Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogesphere Calling Zuma Dogg, "Biblical-like Soothsayer." (And it's not even an exaggeration...LOL!)

[Pictured: Is this guy a biblical-like prophet as he is accused of being? I don't get it, either?]

I someone who walks a very, very lonely Blvd of Broken dreams, as I walk the streets and think about the future and where it is headed and attempt to try and create change by expressing my thoughts before council toward the goal of them accepting my warnings and taking action, I love some of the stuff I am reading about myself.

Of course Council is very slow at that and never really do anything until after the fact. And my insanity, is I think if I keep going back and putting things on the record and warn them, they would see my track record of being right about this stuff (my predictions), and start "snapping to it." And although they are never going to be "snapping" to the advice of someone from the public comment podium, I do feel that through relentless, day in and day out unpaid "lobbying," I see evidence of things happening through the public pressure applied by Zuma Dogg, that only works through regular and consistent appearances.

So it feels GREAT that after three years of making predictions and warnings that basically, are all coming true and in a Google alert for "Zuma Dogg" today, I was treated to the comment, "Zuma Dogg's role as a bibilical-like soothsayer is celebrated in the blogs again..."

YES...YES!!! You can mock it, but I LOVE reading stuff like that. I LOVE when a CM calls me a "prophet/genius" and tell me I know more about the items than many of the CMs (a CM told me that).

NOT BECAUSE I SUFFER FROM LOW SELF ESTEEM...(ok, that probably IS why), but who WOULDN'T like to read good stuff like this as the only payment for any of my efforts. I don't have any agents or producers or political machines or financial backing behind me. I just wake up and try to get my message out there. So when I get feedback like this, it's very sweet. And I hope it may give some folks a little confidence in me as a candidate. Sorry to have to do my own PR on this. But candidates boast about a whole bunch of stuff on their fliers and list their endorsements. So again, I know it's hard to decide who you feel comfortable with as councilmember. At least they're calling me "genius/prophet/biblical-like soothsayer" instead of some other less flattering names. Don't worry, it won't go to my head...IT ALREADY DID, Y'ALL! (Just kidding....maybe!)

From Mayor Sam's blog:

Zuma Dogg's role as a biblical-like soothsayer is celebrated in the blogs again when CurbedLA hat tips our piece about the recent water main breaks in Los Angeles. Look for the usual dum dums to go bizarro again.

Biblical Messes and Infrastructure: City Council gadfly Zuma Dogg may...
City Council gadfly Zuma Dogg may be onto something, writes blogger Mayor Sam..."

Some comments on the blogs the past 24 hours:

* I love Zuma Dogg for bringing spoken word into local politics, and for his pessimistic view of the motives of local politicians. And for his dedication and use of the law to get his word out.

* Zuma Dogg is the only willing to speak up. All the other candidates are in the pockets of the developers.
* Mr. Dogg is right on the money. In addition to a Water and Power system that has components that are 100 years old. We can't take the over-development being pushed by the Mayor and Council, it doesn't add up.
* This is another reason to elect Zuma Dogg for City Council and show these arrogant egomaniacs that the people will have one of their own speaking up at council mtgs no matter what they try to do. Mark my words, we elect Zuma Dogg, and every city council person will have a chill run up their spine because they'll see that the people are serious and are willing to vote these hack politicians out. It's time for the citizens of this city to take back their city and do what's right, not what the big money special interests want.

I HOPE YOU VOTE FOR DAVID SALTSBURG (Zuma Dogg) on Tuesday, September 22, 2009.


The more you keep referring to people referring to you in the biblical terms, the more it makes you seem like a religious crazy. That's just my opinion of course, but that's my initial reaction.

September 9, 2009 2:36 PM

DeleteBlogger Zuma Dogg said...

I think it is meant more in the (old school, VERY old school) "prophetic" sense, and I'm having fun with it and hope I don't make the people who said it, sorry for saying it now that I am fanning the comment flame for some fun "tongue in cheek" publicity during a campaign...but I see how the outside observer could see it the way you suggest, so I'll be careful to make sure I'm REALLY over the top in the Andy Kaufman-esque use of the reference to make sure it doesn't take on those qualities. Thanks for the perception check. But yes, I was referred to in those terms along with the other nice ones and I hope I can be the city's watchdogg on Sept 22nd as City Councilmember.

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