Friday, September 11, 2009

Christine Essel Sure Seems To Be Enjoying Zuma Dogg (Even More Than Tamar Galatzan) in This Video

HEY CHRISTINE, I'M GONNA HAVE TO CHARGE YOU COVER IF YOU KEEP ENJOYING MY NIGHTCLUB CANDIDATE ACT AT THE FORUMS THIS MUCH!: Chris Essel sure seems to be enjoying the no-kiss-ass quality of Zuma Dogg as he delivers a snappy response to a question to a guy who was asking about a Nueclear Power Plant in L.A., or something nutty, during a candidate forum where time was running out, and there was NO talk of the budget from moderators or audience members.

Anyway, nice to make Chris light up like that. She has such a nice smile! But she says, "I'm with Zuma," as her reply, so I hope that doesn't cost me votes. Between Christine and Tamar saying nice things about me, I'm gonna be seen as one of the City Hall favorites and people will pass on me. CUT IT OUT BIG 3! STOP AGREEING WITH ME AND SAYING GOOD THINGS ABOUT ME...YOU'RE GONNA RUIN ME! ;-)

Let's face it...
Many more candidate forum videos and audio from ZD on Kevin James and Doug McIntyre.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: LA Times on Zuma Dogg (in their endorsement of Christine E$$el: "David Saltsburg, better known as Zuma Dogg, is almost always irritating, as befits his role as City Hall gadfly, but occasionally right on target about what ails Los Angeles."

Thanks guys! ALMOST ALWAYS irritating? (Even though they say, "as befits his role.") But how noteworthy that the are sure I am only occasionally right (because they know everything from their editorial cubicles to know that I am only occasionally right). So the people who are sucked by/endorsing Essel, say "I" am only occasionally right.

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