Friday, September 11, 2009

David Saltsburg Pitches Crowd on Zuma Dogg for City Council, Including Alarcon comment that BUSTED UP CROWD as LA Weekly Referred to

I'm gonna retire the Alarcon comment, "I do not want Zuma Dogg..." from my routine for a while, but here is a clip from the CD 2 City Council candidate forum, a couple weeks ago when he just said it, and I tagged it with my, "Zuma Dogg...NOT endorsed by Richard Alarcon," as the crowd busts out into laughter to make Jay Leno or Letterman jealous. LA Weekly mentioned it. Here it is (at the beginning) and then, and overall, pretty relaxed (the most chill you are going to get) of David Saltsburg presenting the argument to the people why they should elect Zuma to City Council on Tuesday, September 22nd. - MORE candidate forum videos.

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